This Wristband Lets You Control Robots, Toys and Drones Just By Moving Your Hands

BicQ Technology and Innovation has developed the DTing Gesture Wristband. The device allows the user to control a robot through the movements of the hand and fingers. 
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BicQ Technology and Innovation, a global interaction solution supplier, has come forward with a totally new robotic control interface.

The DTing Gesture Wristband allows the user to control a robot through the movement of the hand and fingers. The user can control the robot wired to the system, by simply moving the wrist.

The DTing wristband also follows the force of the movement to determine the speed the robot should move. 

It is simple to learn how to use the DTing system due to the innovative smart software working in conjunction with the system’s very sensitive, special motion sensing components.

This works regardless of age or experience with robotics, The wristbands are designed in an ergonomic way to fit the wrists of all kinds of users regardless of ages and size.

Source: DTing via Indiegogo

It is also equally suitable for those who are right-handed or left-handed. It is even possible to control two robots using wristbands worn on either arm.

Works exactly like a remote control

A standard DTing package includes an instructional manual. However, the software is very flexible and the operator can personalize the effects their hand movements have on the robot they are controlling.

Source: DTing via Indiegogo

A DTing Gesture Wristband works exactly like a remote control tool. DTing Gesture Wristband system was initially designed and tested in conjunction with the world’s premium manufacturers when it was first developed.

But by using surface electromyography, IMU technology, and advanced AI, the DTing Gesture Wristband technology has become suitable with all other kinds of technology.

DTing wristbands have been tested to control very small drones and household smart devices in addition to robotic toys.

Source: DTing via Indiegogo

New applications to be developed

The original project was launched in 2016 and the developer version of DTing software has since been released. It is therefore predicted that additional applications for DTing technology will be developed in the period ahead.

BicQ Technology says the four most important points of the product are that: 1) It is the world’s First Easy-Start Gesture Control Robots 2) It is easy-to-Attach and Control 3) It offers wearable Gesture Control with Artistic Charm and 4) it’s the perfect series and comes with a reasonable price.

Source: DTing via Indiegogo

The company says the wristband is an all-in-one solution to detect all gestures, including forearm movement, hand gestures and even finger movement.

The DTing Gesture Wristband also uses sEMG and AI algorithms for quick processing. This way it supports free development, allowing users to control any UAV or smart device.


“We aimed to make the user feel like they too can have superpowers. Therefore, we don’t limit the variety of hand gestures. You could be a sharpshooter, Spiderman, Iron Man, and any other superhero you’ve ever dreamed about. There are even more ways to play waiting for you to discover. You can compete with a friend, or even play with more than one toy using both hands.” the company says on its website.

BICQ Innovation is a global first-class perceptive interaction solution supplier. The company provides the DTing series easy-to-use gesture recognition solutions based on electromyography (EMG) and internal measurement unit (IMU) technology.

Via: DTing 

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