A new tidal turbine generates as much power as 12 solar panels

A single turbine can produce the power generated from 12 solar panels, the company claims.
Ameya Paleja
The tidal turbine on display.Idenergie

A Canadian renewable energies company dubbed Idenergie has unveiled a new hydrokinetic design turbine that harnesses power from flowing water and converts it to electricity.

With countries looking to switch away from fossil fuels, there is a need to develop means to tap into renewable energy sources. While solar panels and wind turbines have been put to the task in most use cases, both systems have limitations when it comes to power generation. While power output from wind turbines is highly dependent on wind speeds, solar panels are effectively non-generative for almost half a day. A turbine placed in water flow can generate power continuously, whether day or night. 

An eco-friendly tidal turbine

In the past, the use of tidal turbines has been associated with the disruption of habitats for aquatic animals and vegetation systems. However, Montreal-based Idenergie paid special attention to this common complaint and picked the Darrieus type rotor that does not harm the ecosystems and is also made from aluminum, which is easy to recycle. 

The turbine is shipped in a disassembled state to minimize transportation requirements and can be put together by simply following the seven steps listed on the company's website. The turbine design also includes a shaftless motor that prevents water from entering the generator, thereby reducing maintenance requirements as well. 

Power Output

At its maximum, a single turbine can produce 12kWh of power a day and is connected to the battery grid that gets charged continuously. Even at a reduced power generation capacity, a turbine can produce enough power to keep common devices in a household, such as a refrigerator, TV, computer, and lightning. 

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According to the company, a single turbine can produce the power generated by as many as 12 solar panels and continues to work round the clock. When required, the turbine can be customized to suit the conditions of the water body, including installation in shallow depths and areas where the flow rate is less than one m/s.