TigerStop Adds Automation to Workshops That Will Increase Efficiency and Reduce Waste

TigerStop is a global leader in workshop automation and helps in increasing efficiency.
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Created: 5/19/2018

One company leading the way today in workshop automation is TigerStop. TigerStop is the global leader in stop gauge and material positioning systems for rapid, precise positioning of almost any material including metal, wood, plastics, and composites.

TigerStop increases efficiency and reduces scrap

TigerStop ads automation to your production line that will improve yield and reduce scrap. By adding a TigerStop to your saw, drill, or punch, you will no longer need to use a tape measure or a manual stop block or fence when you want to position material for processing.

Simply type in the desired cut length and press start. TigerStop positions material with accuracy every single time. The TigerStop software interface is easy and intuitive to use and once you have experience on one TigerStop product you can use any of them as they share the same platform.

Address your skilled labor shortage by increasing automation

TigerStop will not only save you money by increasing your accuracy, but it also solves the skilled labor gap. An operator can be trained on the TigerStop in as little as ten minutes.

Add a TigerStop to any existing saw station, drill, or punch, and you can transform your machine into an automation solution for a huge jump in efficiency and accuracy. As your operation grows, TigerStop will grow with you.

The TigerSet software upgrade opens up a communication port on your TigerStop so that you can use a PC, PLC or Barcode Scanner to control your TigerStop systems. You can go a step further and download TigerStop’s free open source Software Development Kit (SDK) to create your own code. TigerStop’s SDK is a set of tools to help you develop software for the TigerStop hardware platform.

TigerStop Adds Automation to Workshops That Will Increase Efficiency and Reduce Waste
Source: TigerStop

Customize your operation

TigerStop works with you to streamline your individual operation, for small simple workshops adding a TigerStop will increase accuracy and efficiency immediately while reducing scrap and waste.

TigerStop also caters to larger enterprises, and you can add extra TigerStop products to your setup to increase your sophistication. Label printing, Dynamic Pack Optimization, Cut List Downloading Software, and many more options can be added to suit your workshops exact needs.

Maximise your workshop by streamlining common tasks

Being efficient is more than just doing more work in less time, TigerStop can help you redistribute key skilled staff off mundane operation jobs to maximize your operation. TigerStop products automate tasks so you can grow your business in other ways perhaps in product development and transport innovation. If you cut, drill, or punch material in your workshop, stay ahead of the pack and add a TigerStop to your operation. You’ll never look back using this sophisticated automation.

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