Track Your Pet's Activity With This Tiny Device

Interesting Engineering

Pet parents, this is perfect for your four-legged babies. This tiny smart device monitors your pet, logs its activity information, and lets you track your pet and enable this info wherever and whenever you want. The device serves as a FitBit for your furry friends.

The smart device was engineered to give dog and cat owners peace of mind while away from their companions. It alerts owners whenever a vet should be consulted regarding medical issues or a checkup.

Owners might not be completely aware of what their pets do during the day. The collar tracks if your dog decided to sleep all day or if you cat needs to drink more water. Felcana translates that data into material you can bring to your vet's office and possibly use it to help diagnose any issues your pet could have.

felcanahelixbeacon[Image source: Felcana]

Smart Design

The Felcana system is based on a three main elements: a smart collar device HELIX, a micro-location BEACONS that you can place around your home, and the HOME HUB.

felcanacollarssilverrosegoldhelix[Image source: Felcana]


HELIX is easily compatible with any pre-existing dog or cat collar. Its lightweight size doesn't hinder your pet's mobility. It continuously monitors your pet’s activities and habits, tracking all the data like its sleeping habits, body temperature, and drinking or eating patterns. It even has a flashback light which you can control by using the Felcana App and works with the Bluetooth 5.0 tech as well. You can even turn on HELIX's light if your pet goes missing around the house and you need help finding them.

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BEACONS are small sensors that you can place around your home. When you install them in high-traffic areas, such as the feeding bowls and your pet’s bed, they interact with the Helix and registers the interaction as data.

felcana[Image source: Felcana]


Helix perfectly fits into the Home Hub to charge. It serves as a connector between the Beacons, Helix, and the Felcana platform. Designers explain the system like this:

"The Helix device sends all its data to the Home Hub, which then pushes this up to Felcana’s cloud computing system. The Home Hub communicates over WiFi (2.4 GHz) and the sub-GHz license free band. Once all the data is on the Felcana platform, intuitive machine learning is able to analyze a pet’s behavior and activity patterns."

felcanahelixandbeacons[Image source: Felcana]

Benefits of Felcana

The detailed data collected and saved by the Felcana means a lot for vets. It enables the doctors to observe the pets for 24 hours to see daily activities, behaviors or conditions. It tracks critical diagnostic symptoms such as water and food consumption, changes in activity levels and lethargy. Felcana can pinpoint polydipsia (increased drinking),  a common symptom of diseases such as diabetes, hip dysplasia, and arthritis before it becomes obvious to owners.

felcanamodeldevelopment[Image source: Felcana]

Felcana was designed in collaboration with James Andrews, a London-based technology obsessed vet, problem-solving engineers and experienced inventive designers. It could give a healthier and happier life to our pets, and help us enjoy their life as much as possible.