TL3 Racing Simulator offers a 200 degree display that wraps around you

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If you have ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a racing car you might be interested in the TL3 Racing Simulator. However you are going to have to take out a loan as the technology costs as much as a small car at £34,995.


[Image Source: Motion Simulation]

The CXC Motion Pro II TL3 racing simulator offers a force-feedback steering mechanism and this is said to be like driving a real car, even down to the finest details. To make you feel more like you are driving a real car there is the spherical projection screen of 200 degrees and this offers one of the most realistic of visual experiences possible.


[Image Source: Motion Simulation]

The TL3 Racing Simulator is said to offer the ultimate professional level simulation solution and this is due to the gaming pod that fully immerses the person using it as it is almost entirely closed. The wraparound display takes the breath away whether you choose to drive a tank down the road in Grand Theft Auto, or you chose to take a Ferrari or Veyron down the highway. The wraparound display helps to recreate the visuals as you can see out of your periphery vision just as you can see all around you.


[Image Source: Motion Simulation]

The simulator uses three projectors and they beam an image of 8.2 feet which has a resolution of 1,080 x 5,760. To make sure that you keep cool in the pod there are low noise cooling fans to take the warm air out. The unit has a variable driving position that is a world’s first and ensures you get the feeling of sitting in an actual car. The steering wheel can be adjusted and there is a set of electro/mechanical actuators to give a driving feel that is realistic, such as pitch and roll along with heave.

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