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These chatbots will help you in many ways
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Artist's impression of chatbot
Artist's impression of chatbot


Chatbot apps have become one of the most useful AI tools in today’s business world. They have proved to be excellent support for organizations and have also been helpful to individuals. 

Some of the uses they can be used in our day-to-day activities and business include booking appointments, providing customer service support, giving emotional support, promoting sales, and creating content. These uses, and many others, a personal assistant enabling have made them a valuable tool for many people.

In this article, you will understand what chatbot apps are, why they are essential, our pick of the top 10 you should consider using, some industry-specific chatbots app, and the future development of chatbot apps you should expect.

What are Chatbot Apps and Why Are they Important

Chatbot apps are computer application software designed to interact with humans by stimulating conversations and providing information as needed. 

The primary purpose of chatbot apps is to provide 24/7 support to users like a human would. While many chatbot apps have been created to provide simple information or respond to a simple query, others can provide solutions to more complex inquiries.

Why are they Important?

Chatbot apps are now being developed to help in almost all facets of life. Just like you have a personal assistant that enables you to run errands within your business, a chatbot can also help you book flights, respond to your customers online, keep a track record of everyday business activities, and much more.

They could also help you monitor your health, give you emotional support, recommend a therapist, help you learn a new language, and even act as your go-to friend.

Selection Criteria of Our Top 10 Chatbot Apps

Functionalities: The most efficient chatbot apps are the ones that provide accurate answers or information to your queries or refer you to the appropriate channel. Each chatbot on our list has passed through a thorough evaluation to ensure that they suit this criterion.

Multilingual ability: One feature which most of our top chatbot apps satisfy is their multilingual ability, meaning they can understand several languages, so users from different parts of the world can use them.

Integration Power: Our reviewed chatbot apps can be easily integrated with other special tools, resources, and social media handles.

Security and Speed: Our selected top chatbot apps work efficiently at high speed even when they experience colossal traffic. You can also rest assured that your information with them is safe and secure.

Past Customers Review: We also analyzed their ratings on the Google play store and apple store, and they are some of the best when it comes to past users' experience.

Usability: A good chatbot app must be easy to use, navigate, and understand. Our top 10 chatbot apps have been evaluated, and they pass this selection criterion.

Review of our Top 10 Chatbot Apps

Generally, there are several varieties of chatbot apps in the market. Considering the above selection criteria, here is our recommended top 10 chatbot apps review. Each chatbot app is independent of one another and comes with varying functionalities, features, pros, and cons.

1.    Zendesk 

Zendesk actively manages, monitors, and replies to website visitors. You can use it to encourage teamwork and collaboration, such as with agent-to-agent chats. This bot app can also help retailers reduce response time with the alternative feature, improving marketing efforts and customer support. 

For retailers, Zendesk can also be used to improve customer engagement by using a real-time view of the activities on their website and seeing exactly what customers are browsing.


  • Agent-to-agent chat is available. 
  • It has over 20 ready-to-use dashboards and reports for analytics. 
  • It is compatible with over 700 integrations, such as Atlassian, Salesforce, Freshbooks, etc. 
  • It can manage all client contacts through a single interface.
  • It has an effective FAQ-creating platform.
  • It has several price alternatives with different pricing and features. 


  • Issues with the ticketing system.
  • Data uploading and exporting problems. 
  • Zendesk is complex and can be tedious to set up.
  • It can be expensive for small businesses, though it has enough features to warrant the price. 

2.    Tidio 

Tidio is a popular chatbot app. It allows enterprises to automate their support functions and customer service, efficiently assisting their clients. Tidio is available for Android and iOS platforms. It offers a variety of different features, making it a popular choice. 

The app is versatile and powerful, and it helps businesses automate their customer service, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience. It combines chatbots and live chat into a single platform. It allows companies to increase revenue by offering efficient service to their consumers. 


  • Businesses can automate their customer FAQs which saves agents’ time. 
  • Tidio allows enterprises to keep track of interactions through Messenger, live chat, and emails on a single page. 
  • It can be used to promote in-store specials and to foreground specific goods accessible on a website.
  • It features integrations with the main business applications that can be used in everyday workflow.
  • Businesses can communicate with visitors in real-time through customizable widgets with Tidio’s live chat. 


  • Businesses cannot manage clients through Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 
  • Tidio does not alert its users when a new conversation arrives on time. 
  • Chat moderators do not have complete control, making it difficult to make changes when the operator forgets to include important information. 
  • The platform is a bit pricey for increasing consumer reach and engagement. 

3.    Chatfuel

Chatfuel is one of our top 10 chatbot apps. It creates AI chatbots for Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It has an easy-to-use and well-structured interface that can help businesses build Facebook chatbot apps quickly and easily. 

Businesses can customize the bot to match their brand to generate leads and answer FAQ questions. It can improve customer satisfaction and marketing efforts by personalizing client sales experience. 

Chatfuel also integrates with valuable tools such as Zapier, Calendly, and Sheets and offers API for custom integrations. 


  •  Analytics is available on Chatfuel. 
  • Its interface is easy to navigate without experience. 
  • It has several benefits covering its cost. 
  • Conversion funnels can be created on Chatfuel. 
  • Integration can be done through API. 


  • Chatfuel is only available for Instagram and Facebook Messenger.
  • It has new connection channels. 
  • Users can recover deleted blocks. 
  • It is not as innovative as its competitors. 

4.    ManyChat

ManyChat is a free chatbot app ideal for chat marketing and deploying messenger bots. It can help small businesses improve chat marketing campaigns through text messaging and social media. Enterprises can automate the communication channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, send emails and SMS through the app and reach customers across multiple platforms.

ManyChat can also book appointments, build client relationships, and generate leads. It is considered the best Chatbot for creating bots by using a drag-and-drop visual interface. It also supports retailers in selling more products by allowing customers to make purchases within Facebook Messenger and advertise services to new leads. 


  • ManyChat includes a Facebook comment feature that sends audience comments to the page and then sends them the information on autopilot. 
  • It has excellent integrations on the pro account with payment gateways, allowing you to charge your clients and receive money quickly. 
  • Businesses can use a ManyChat plugin as a customer service chat feature on their website. 
  • Appointment booking is accessible on the platform. 
  • It is easier for businesses to broadcast messages to customers. 


  • ManyChat is only limited to Facebook. 
  • The setup for automated flow is complicated. 

5.    Replika 

Replika is one of the best chatbot apps created to support lonely people. It keeps users company 24/7. People can create a personal Replika avatar on the mobile app and chat with it about anything. The more you talk, the more the avatar learns about your preferences and likes. Users can also play games on the platform, role-play, and write stories. 

Furthermore, it can help users to understand their thoughts and feelings better and track their moods in daily conversation.


  • Replika is an artificial intelligence chatbot. 
  • It can be customized. 
  • It is available 24/7. 
  • Users can speak freely about anything without being judged. 
  • It knows the right questions to ask because it can track users’ emotions. 
  • It grows with users because the AI avatar can build its personality over time through conversations. 


  • It needs time to develop and build accurate intimacy. 
  • The mode can change from friendship to relationship, making users uncomfortable. 

6.    Florence 

Florence is a medical chatbot app used as a personal health assistant. It is a free chatbot app that anyone can use for their needs. It can also help users track their health and remind them to take medication. It provides additional information about conditions, diseases, and drugs. 

Florence can be used on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Skype. Users can also use it to learn what happens, for example, when they miss a dose of medication and what they should do. However, it does not provide medical advice and cannot be used in emergencies. 


  • It reminds users to take their medications on time. 
  • It gives additional information about specific medications.
  • Available on several messaging platforms like Kik, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. 


  • Florence is only available in English. 
  • The bot cannot be used for medical emergencies or to give medical advice.

7.    Babylon Health 

Scientists and doctors created the Babylon Health chatbot app to assist users in understanding their current and future health needs. It offers solutions for conditions like fever, cough, congestion, allergies, mental health, flu, pain, rashes, and more. It can also be used to access a doctor and book an appointment with a healthcare provider. 

Users describe their symptoms and questions regarding their health. Afterward, they are given a wellness report and practical recommendations. Doctors can also provide prescriptions, labs, specialist referrals, and behavioral health. 

Top 10 Chatbot Apps for Android and iOS
Babylon Health


Babylon Health features video consultations with healthcare professionals, allowing users to obtain medical guidance.  

It is available 24/7. 

Users can access their health records to view their medical history and status. 

Its management service allows users to manage their medications and get home deliveries. 


  • It is not as reliable and accurate as a real doctor’s appointment. 
  • It is only suitable for common symptoms. 

8.    Cleverbot

Cleverbot is a daily conversational app that uses machine learning. It was initially designed for iOS but also works on Android and Windows.

One of its best features is learning more with every human interaction. Users can chat with the bot about anything they like and receive realistic responses. Cleverbot's answers are not pre-programmed because it learns from human input. The bot chooses its responses heuristically, using fuzzy logic and comparing the whole conversation to millions of others that have taken place.


  • Users can share fun conversations through social media and email. 
  • They can also start and stop conversations at any time. 
  • It uses previous conversations to respond to new discussions. 
  • Users can alter the shade of the chat bubbles to suit their preferences.


  • It can only be used when users are online. 
  • The bot's responses can be strange or inappropriate sometimes.
  • Since the bot doesn’t understand emotions, it can misinterpret users’ messages. 

9.    Wati 

Wati is an official business partner with WhatsApp Business APIs. It ensures the integration between WhatsApp and Wati is flawless for all users. To improve customer experience, agents can answer client queries on the spot from a single platform. You can receive data-driven insights and monitor performance to help make more informed business decisions. 

Wati is an Android messaging app with a simple interface for faster onboarding of human agents and better user experience. Users can also set availability hours and schedules on this platform and build their bot precisely how the brand needs it. 


  • Wati is linked with the official WhatsApp Business API. 
  • It has segmented campaigns. 
  • It is easy to access documents for developers. 
  • There are notification preferences for every representative. 
  • Performance monitoring is available.  


  • Watti is only available for WhatsApp. 
  • There is an open marketplace for integrations. 
  • There has no artificial intelligence technology.

10. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free and effective app for learning languages. It offers more than 40 language options. Users can learn new languages or improve their skills. They can practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening through engaging lessons that feel like gaming.

Users can set goals and track their progress as they practice. They can also join over 300 million enthusiastic learners worldwide to compete on leaderboards. Interestingly, Duolingo is completely free! It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn any language at their pace without breaking the bank. 


  • Duolingo app is easily accessible.
  • Users can learn multiple languages simultaneously on the app. 
  • It is free. 


  • Duolingo focuses more on English speakers. 
  • It is primarily for beginners.  

Chatbot Apps Comparison

Following our list of reviewed chatbot apps, you can see they all have varying usability, features, functionality, and many more. While most apps are suitable for customer engagement and lead generation in the business, we have others that could help you learn a new language, serve as your go-to friend, help you monitor your health, and more.

That being said, all of these apps have review ratings of not less than 4.0 (out of 5.0) on Google and the Apple store, and they all can be integrated with additional tools or resources.

Industry-Specific Chatbot Apps

Chatbot apps have been widely used by businesses throughout the world. However, aside from that, some other industry-specific chatbots are in vogue today.

Now let's take a look at some industries and the chatbots that are applicable under each.

Industry Chatbots Functions of the Chatbots
Healthcare Florence, Babylon Health, Flo, Healthily, Sensely, Buoy Health. Healthcare chatbot apps are generally helpful when it comes to monitoring your health, booking medical appointments, tracking records of a medical condition, gathering your medical symptoms and interpreting them, and so on. They could also remind you of your daily medication and recommend an expert to treat an ailment.
Finance Haptic, Kasisto, Growthbiotics, Nuance, etc Chatbots in the finance sector can help give financial advice to customers, provide answers to questions on account management and billing, help track records of expenses and transactions, and help remind customers of their bills and balances. Also, they can help users monitor any suspicious financial activity and notify them when it occurs.
Retail AlphaChat, Outgrow, Chatfuel, ManyChat, Smartloop, etc. Chatbot apps in retail are often designed to help improve sales by guiding customers to order, track their goods, search for a product on the website, and many more. They can also recommend the best-fit product to customers and provide information regarding promos, product return policy, etc. They could also gather data on buyers' experience, satisfaction, or feedback.

Chatbot Apps Trends and Future Development

According to statistics on global chatbot adoption, by the end of 2023, the total number of chatbot app users is estimated to be over 800 million. There is also expected to be exponential growth in more years, with at least a 25% increase by 2024. 

 Today's common chatbot app trend is that almost every industrial sector, including finance, banking, e-commerce, health, media, and many more, now uses these tools for customer engagement. 

Apart from the fact that chatbot apps provide answers to simple queries, they can now respond to more complex inquiries, recognize and respond to voices, and allow interaction through images and videos. These and many more are the chatbot trends we are currently experiencing.

But what does the future of chatbot apps hold? Let’s take a look at that

As the use of chatbot apps is increasingly becoming part of our everyday life, there are some future developments we should expect. Here they are:

●      Natural language Processing (AI Technology): We all know that chatbot apps could help respond to our simple and complex queries online. However, it has been projected that these AI technologies will be able to converse effectively and naturally with users as though they are also human in years to come.

●      Machine Learning: It is also expected that as time goes on, chatbots will be able to work effectively for their users by gathering data, learning, and a better understanding of users’ intent through available resources like WikiQA Corpus and in-depth interaction with humans.


In the face of the ever-growing AI technology, more of us than ever include chatbot apps in our daily lives and jobs. Our top Chatbot listed here apps were carefully selected after an adequate evaluation. While they have varying functionalities, your choice of usage dramatically depends on your needs. most valuable

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