Top 10 Interesting Engineering Videos and Channels on YouTube

Interesting Engineering

Every engineer's journey begins as a spark of interest from thinking about how things work and what they do. At one time (and it still may be) that spark came from seeing an engine work, taking a toaster apart, or attempting to build the world's greatest fort. In the age of the internet, many young minds begin their journey of curiosity by exploring the world wide web. One of the greatest sources of information on how just about everything in the world works can be found as videos on one website: YouTube.

Though its content spans across countless hours of cat video loops and people failing, in it are a few truly intriguing accounts which investigate the anomalies of everyday life. The information on YouTube is vast, many channels provide incredible content for people to watch and learn. While there are many great YouTube channels, this list will target a few of the most interesting active accounts who share amazing content for people to access. Some explore new technologies and intriguing concepts while others go in depth to explain everyday phenomena.

Here is a list of the top 10 most interesting engineering videos and channels on YouTube.

Grant Thompson "The King of Random"

Grant Thompson's channel, The King of Random, is all about performing mad experiments from building a homemade arc welder from a microwave, to building a rocket from the ground up. His channel is many times more outrageous than Mythbusters, yet at the same time provides an in-depth explanation to some truly fascinating subjects.


Bill Hammack is the face of the channel engineerguy. Bill Hammack is the face of the channel engineerguy. His videos give incredible insight into many different engineering marvels from large, to really small things. Besides being a YouTube creator, Hammack is also a professor at the University of Illinois.

Engineering Explained

Though Engineering Explained may not be the most visual channel, it is one of the most detailed in the wake of content and the research behind the subject. The host, Jason Fenske, is a graduate of mechanical engineering. His channel covers lessons about automotive engineering topics.

On the website How Does a Car Work, Fenske explains what the drive behind his channel is;

"I am interested in the evolution of technology in the automotive industry, and I aspire to teach this technology to my viewers in a clear and concise manner."

Cody's Lab

Cody's Lab features many experiments ranging from mining mercury to defusing a bomb with a vacuum chamber. Cody, the host of the channel is extremely adventurous. The videos things he makes include demonstrating how people used to mine with explosives and showing what happens if you bite pure sodium metal, though it is highly advised nobody attempts it. Other videos are tutorials on how to perform various operations, including how to gold plate.

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On his channel, he explains how his videos contribute to the good practice of science - though some of his actions are probably better left as a sole attempt;

"I run the idea of making an official base of scientific operations, making a series about it, and all the cool stuff I do off off grid."

NASA Goddard

The NASA Goddard channel features a wide variety of material all about NASA technologies. In it are NASA's latest updates about what the Goddard Space Flight Center is doing, like using lasers to study air pollution and many other advancements in technology.

SciShow Space

Scishow Space, a derivative of the original channel, SciShow, discusses topics dating back to just after the beginning of time to the most recent advances and news in space exploration. The hosts which you may recognize from other series including Hank Green, Caitlin Hofmeister, and Reid Reimers, upload videos every Tuesday and Friday.


Although some of Philip E. Mason's topics are extremely controversial, a lot of his content contains enlighting information which challenges conventional thinking. His most popular series, Busted, investigates the critical issues and fundamental problems of scientific claims.

*Advisory:  Mason has been known to occasionally use language which may be considered offensive to some viewers.

Tom Scott

The channel Tom Scott, hosted by no other than Tom Scott, investigates the peculiarities of everyday life. In his series, Scott travels around the world to learn about the way things work first-hand.


The channel AgentJayZ is all about the technology and engineering behind jet engines. Jay, the host of the show, works as an aircraft technician for a Canadian company which he describes as "Jet City". His videos are incredibly detailed and answer tons of questions about jets most people would never consider to ask.


Though the Numberphile does not always investigate engineering concepts, it does go into depth about one thing- or rather, a bunch of things- Numbers. Brady Haran's specialty is numbers. His videos explore the intriguing concepts of Pi, e, and even the Fibonacci mystery, along with many other interesting videos all about numbers explaining why they are the way they are.

Though this list only explores a few accounts, there are hundreds of other videos which span across an incredible variety of topics. Within its contents are some truly intriguing and interesting engineering videos. However, it also spans far beyond into a massive bank of information which millions use every day. YouTube provides the portal for people to learn about intriguing technologies and the world around them. And of course, wind down with a few minutes of epic fails.