Top 10 LEGO Machines Found on YouTube

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Before many years LEGO has begun as a toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts in order to entertain children. And stimulate the child brain like many other toys. Now the situation is very improved technologically and some LEGO kits provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots and Wi Fi USB slots. These kits stimulate the creativity and the engineering thought inside a young mind, which results in incorporation of parts from several kits and creation of many unique machines. We searched on YouTube for such machines and discovered a lot of them. We selected the coolest 10 and will present them now.

10. Plotter/Printer. The video shows how LEGO made machine is drawing simple forms like rectangles and triangles. It is done by a pencil attached to a platform above the paper. The platform is moved by a regular car wheel.

[video link]

9. 3D Printer. This incredible machine is able to create different shapes from floral foam. For that purpose the user should load a 3D mesh from Autodesk Softimage to the milling machine. After that the drill (the only non-Lego part in the device) processes the foam. After almost two and a half hours of processing we see a beautiful human face as a final result.

[video link]

8. Ford Shelby GT500 scale model. It is created at scale 1:8 and comprises of roughly 3500 parts. The vehicle weighs 3,1 kilograms and has lockable doors, full set of four seats. When the creator opened the front hood it discovered a plastic replica of the legendary V8 muscle engines. The suspension is similar to a real car with its front McPhersons.

[video link]

7. Beer Machine. This proves that LEGO isn’t just for kids anymore. The device comprises of bottle open up system, bottle conveyor system and bottle cooling system. The beer is ordered via beerREMOTEcontrol, a device connected to the machine via Bluetooth. The ordered beer is forwarded to the open up system and then transported to the cooling system. The practical value of this invention isn’t very high, at least because you can pick the beer from the fridge and open the bottle several times faster than the machine from the video. It is impressive engineering achievement however, and the machine could be used as a prototype of production line or some sort of it.

[video link]

6. Mobile Robotic Arm. According to the video, the platform is able to scan and find cargo herself. The hand searched and found a box, grabbed and transported it to different point.

[video link]

5. Milling Machine. This is an improved version of the 3D printer that was mentioned above. It makes more complicated shapes and sculptures.

[video link]

4. Bridge Laying Tank. Made as a scale model of real German tank, it weighs 3.4 kilograms and the bridge is 93 cm long. The video shows how the tank approaches the streamlet, deploys the bridge over and then passes over it to other shore. Then the bridge is folded back to the initial position and the tank is ready to go.

[video link]

3. Excavator-like Robotic Hand. This robotic hand reminds of an excavator. The hand is navigated and shows some impressive mobility. In the video it attempts unsuccessfully to catch a ball on a cup.

[video link]

2. Terminator 3. This is walking, 70 cm tall and 3.6 kg heavy robot. If this is possible to be made at home with LEGO, there is nothing to wonder around Atlas and the other walking robots made for DARPA.

[video link]

1.LEGO Hot Rod. The first place is absolutely taken by the life-sized LEGO hot rod created by Romanian and Australian engineers. It has four orbital engines with 256 pistons and is powered by compressed air.

[video link]


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