Top 10 Most Mesmerizing Manufacturing Videos

Trevor English

Manufacturing is all around us. It is used to create every single product we use in our lives. Some processes are boring, but there are others that are so stunning, you could watch them for days. We have assembled 10 of the most mesmerizing manufacturing videos we could find. Have fun wasting time.

Top 10 Most Mesmerizing Manufacturing Videos

[Image Source: Mixabest via Wikimedia]

The Creation of a Precision Bolt

A simple bolt. It is a tiny piece that can be crucial to many machines. This video takes you through the impressively precise manufacturing methods of one singular bolt used in F1 racing. I don't even want to think about how much the part costs.

Milling an Aluminum Helmet in One CNC Machine

Milling is an age-old process that yields itself to direct applications for many industries. While this form of subtractive manufacturing does have some limitations, it is incredibly versatile and CNC machines are only getting more complex. These huge machines can create impressive parts. Perhaps one of the most impressive parts is this solid aluminum helmet milled in one CAM process.

Creating Amazing Ice Cream Cake

You will watch this video and instantly want to indulge in some ice cream cake. Unlike normal ice cream cakes, this one is constructed in an interesting combination of layers, folds, and gooey chocolate making it just that much more desirable.

Constructing the Apple Mac Pro

The debate will rage on whether Apple makes the best computer or not. One thing that is undoubtedly agreed on is that Apple's design department is one of the best in the industry – despite some less than desirable design changes. Making the Apple Mac Pro is just as stunning to watch as the final computer is to look at. It is a visually interesting cylindrical computer, and what goes into it gives it impressive power.

Most Popular

The Beretta Shotgun

Whatever your view on guns is, there are certain handcrafted firearms that are simply stunning works of art. Beretta released this video that takes the viewer all the way through the process of creating one of their top of the line hunting shotguns. A fair warning, this is one of the most mesmerizing and visually stunning manufacturing videos you will watch today.

How Tennis Balls are Made

Even something as simple as a humble little tennis ball has mesmerizing roots in manufacturing processes. The rubber is stamped and cut, the felt is applied. Taking raw materials and turning them into the perfect tennis ball is much more complex than you may have thought.

Intricate Japanese Springs

Those tiny little springs on chip clips or mechanical pencils involve a rather impressive manufacturing machine. This video takes you through the incredibly diverse capabilities of this one rotational spring machine. It is like a weird combination of a 3D printer, a milling machine, and a robot... check it out.

Mesmerizing Machine Compilation

Sometimes the best way to experience mesmerizing manufacturing is to just watch a compilation of videos strung together. The Science Channel partnered with BuzzFeed in this impressive work together. From candied apples to diaper boxes, it has it all.

Making the World's Best Running Shoe

There's a reason that those running shoes you might be wearing cost over $100 dollars. The precision and lightweight design needed to construct these sole protectors is significant. Not to mention that the finished product needs to be complimentary to your outfit – otherwise people wouldn't want to buy them.

Creating the Superbowl Football

Creating a football isn't necessarily complex, but as you'll soon find out in the video below, it is a lot more than manufacturing. This video brings the manufacturing of footballs into a much more real perspective. One woman has been responsible for every Superbowl football for the last 48 years, and last year was her last.

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