Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy myths which became real

Interesting Engineering

In this article we will see some inventions and technologies that previously were possible only in the science fiction and fantasy movies.

Depiction_of_a_futuristic_city[Image Source: Wikimedia]

1. Silk stronger than steel. This silk is produced by genetically modified silkworm and is stronger than equivalent weight fo steel. It was developed by scientists in Wyoming, USA, and has wide spectrum of usage, such as surgical threads, military and police bulletproof vests and yes, Spiderman could use it too.

2.Stealth mantle. It was developed by HyperStealth Biotechnology and it was revealed in front of a military audience from US and Canada in 2012. The material this blanket is made of is called Quantum Stealth and bends the light around the hidden object. It hides also the infrared signature of the object and doesn't use any cameras, batteries or mirrors.

3.Sprayable skin. The purpose of this invention is to heal heavy skin burning. The process starts with a small skin piece of the patient treated with a special enzyme which pulverizes and dissolves that piece into liquid. That liquid is then sprayed on the burned place and within one week an area with A4 size is recovered.

4.Life extending cells. In old, fast-aging mice with 21-days long life were injected stem cells from younger mice from the same kind. The procedure was made 4 days before their expected natural death, and the result was fantastic - instead of dying after the 21-st day, they lived  71 days.

5. 3D house building printer. This project was developed by Enrico Dini and is able to build two-leveled house 4 times faster than the ordinary way. The machine uses special, reinforced by fibers concrete.

 6.Self-driven cars. In 2012 were released the first street legal cars with fully autonomous auto pilot. This happened in the US states of Nevada, Florida and California, and these cars have 300 000 hours autonomous drive. It is curious that the only 2 accidents were caused by human driving.

7. Mind-guided hand. A scientific team from Pittsburgh implanted two microelectrode arrays into the left motor cortex of a 52-year-old woman. She is paralyzed from the neck down, unable to move her arms and legs due to a condition called spinocerebellar degeneration. Two weeks after the operation, the prosthesis was connected and the woman embarked on 14 weeks of training — but on only the second day, she was able to move the limb through mind power.

8. DARPA's Atlas. This is an adaptable humanoid robot built by DARPA, which is capable of passing through different obstacles in autonomous mode.

9. Earth space vessel reached the edge of the Solar System. This is Voyager 1, followed by his "brother" - Voyager 2 on 3.2 mln km behind. Both spacecrafts were launched in 1977 with mission to explore Jupiter and Saturn, but they reached far beyond these points.  As we wrote early, now Voyager 1 is at the edge of our Solar system and is about to leave it.