Top 11 Things Only Engineers Understand

Engineers have a unique perspective on life.
Trevor English

Engineering is arguably one of the hardest majors you can go into. With the sleepless nights, endless caffeine, and no free time, it's no surprise. Staying up late to work on those group projects or finish your calculations is something every engineer knows to be true. Whatever specialty of engineering you have gone into, there are a few common truths that every engineer holds to be self-evident. Here are 10 things that only engineers will ever understand.

1. You have the constant urge to build and tinker with something

Engineering is like an itch that just won't go away. You constantly look around and see ways you could improve things or wonder how something works. The only thing that will ever satisfy that itch is to take something apart and "fix" it.


2. Answering questions with far too complex words that only you understand

If there is one thing that engineers do well, it is making sure everyone around them thinks they are smart. That four, five, or maybe even six years you spent at college has given you a complex vocabulary including words that even you aren't sure what they mean.

3. Going into a project and having absolutely no idea what to do or where to start 

Top 11 Things Only Engineers Understand
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Project, after project, after project. Between the constant homework and endless exams, there is always a project to take all that extra free time. Sometimes projects sneak up on you and your sleeping in class has put you in a little bit of a pickle.

4. Losing half of the students by the second week of class

The first week of class, there are no empty seats in the room. Come week two, however, and you can pick anywhere in the room to sit because everyone seems to have just. .. left? Engineering isn't for the faint of heart.

5. Despising anyone who has "free time" or a "life," whatever those are

Free time is something engineers only dream of as the constant stream of homework and projects from professors make sure you don't even have time for sleep. So when your roommate takes a spontaneous trip to the beach for the weekend, you can't help but be a little bitter.

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6. Being halfway through the semester and not knowing what the class is about

Engineering classes have the unique ability of rapidly advancing as soon as you start not paying attention. Many of you probably know the struggle of playing catch-up the whole semester.

7. Constantly being asked to fix things

When someone hears you are an engineer, they automatically think you can fix their broken computer or that malfunctioning household appliance. Asking a civil engineer to fix your computer would be like asking a fry cook to teach you quantum physics. . . a bad idea.

8. Realizing that 5 years of school was just "teaching you how to learn"

When you finally get out into the real world of engineering, you realize that everything you spent the last 5 years learning was useless and the real learning begins now! Education is fun, right?

9. No one understands what you do

Top 11 Things Only Engineers Understand
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When someone asks what you do, oftentimes engineers end up in a downward spiral of endless explanations just to communicate to someone what they do on a daily basis. Oftentimes the easiest thing to do is oversimplify things as much as possible and realize no one will ever understand you.

10. The professor with a Ph.D. who can't figure out how to work the projector

Even though engineers are taught by arguably some of the smartest people at the university, everyone has that one professor that still can't figure out how to work basic classroom equipment. Apparently having a doctorate in applied physics doesn't teach you how to work a projector.

11. The endless job market

While many professions can have a lack-luster job market, engineers always seem to have employment available to them if they're willing to be open to different industries. With engineering professions expected to grow by 6.5% in the next decade, it's a good time to be an engineer.

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