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If you are trying to get to sleep on a train or airplane you might want to make use of noise cancelling headphones to help you drift off. However the issue with headphones is that the hard plastic they are made of isn't very comfortable. Now, Kokoon have come up with a solution. The London based company have designed headphones with electroencephalography sensors, otherwise known as EEG, built into them and the focus of the design was on comfort while wearing them. The headphones will provide you with feedback on how well, or not, you have slept.


[Image Source: Kokoon]

The inspiration for the headphones were high tech sports shoes and pillows and the headphones nestles into the contours of the wearers skull with the electronics fitted inside the band. This means that the actual earpieces are slim. They also come with their own built in mini-pillows for the ears by way of gel cushions.


[Image Source: Kokoon]

The designers of the headphones made custom EEG sensors so that they would sit inside the headphones and they monitor the tiny voltages in the brain while the wearer is sleeping. They send this data to an app for a smartphone and the algorithms are able to detect when the wearer is sleeping and lower the volume while cancelling external noises out so the wearer can sleep in peace.


[Image Source: Kokoon]

The Kokoon headphones learn what technique works best in helping the wearer drift off to sleep and then tailors its approach the next time the wearer wants to drift off. An intelligent alarm clock will then wake the wearer up at the optimal time so the wearer doesn’t feel groggy.


[Image Source: Kokoon]

While there are other apps for tracking sleep on the market they typically make use of an accelerometer such that the device has to be placed correctly on the bed. With the headphones the wearer has them on top of their head and the headphones can provide a solution that is more precise.

The app makes use of a sleep score and uses different states, putting them into categories, including light sleep, awake, deep sleep and REM sleep. They also offer their own music by way of a library of audio sounds that have been specifically developed by sleep scientists for sending people to sleep.


[Image Source: Kokoon]

At the moment Kokoon is on Kickstarter raising funds and already the developers have gone past their goal of US$100,000. You can make an early pledge of $169 and if all goes to plan the headphones will be shipped out in February.


[Image Source: Kokoon]


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