Travel Laundry Just Got a lot Easier with Nival

Shelby Rogers

Travelers know this problem all too well. You have one of two options when traveling for longer than a week. You can either stuff as many outfits as you can into your suitcase, or you succumb to paying for laundry services wherever you're staying. Sometimes, no launderers can be found and you're forced to wear a smelly or stained garment yet again.

nival4[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]

The Nival portable washer looks to solve that problem. The palm-sized device can turn any bucket, sink or basket into a washer.

Nival looks like a computer mouse and plugs into a USB port attachment. Its small frame can save 50 percent on water, energy and money, according to its makers. One load of laundry takes between 30 to 40 minutes to finish washing.

The Nival comes with a transducer in the body of the device. It creates high-pressure waves at a handwashing rate. This generates bubbles to agitate the cleanser dissolved in the water. These tough cleaning bubbles stick to clothing and penetrate fibers to detach dirts, oils, greases and dusts that cling to clothing.

nival3[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]

The device comes with a vibration booster to simulate hand washing, but nothing too rigorous as large washers that often ruin delicate clothing. Handwashing takes a while, too. Few things are more boring than having to hand wash your clothes to save money while you're on vacation. Plus, Nival cuts down on that post-vacation time when you're doing load after load of wash once you empty out your dirty suitcase.

nival2[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]

You can support Nival on its IndieGoGo page. For $79 USD, you can get a Nival washer at nearly 40 percent off market value, 10 effervescent cleansing tablets and a year warranty. Frequent travelers know the pain of $1 washing each load. The device could pay for itself after a few months of travel.

nival1[Image courtesy of Nival/IndieGoGo]

The only downside? You'll have to wait until April 2017 to get your Nival, according to its IndieGoGo page.

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