TTRobotix Shows Off Multiple Awesome Projects Including the SeaDragon, an Autonomous Sea Diving Robot

Tawainese company Thunder Tiger Robotix has showed off its latest range of autonomous vehicles including an underwater drone and a heat sensing helicopter.
Jessica Miley
The TTRobotix SeadragonNaomi Dureau/Interesting Engineering

TTRobotix has revealed a range of two new cutting-edge products at CES this week in including its autonomous water robot called SeaDragon. The Seadragon at its core is a remote-controlled submarine that you can control with your Xbox controller. Demonstrated at CES 2018, with a video that shows off its live-video feed function for recreational use. The Live 1080p HD Video with Advanced Electronics Package, 200 ms latency has great application potentials for the industry too. The nifty device is highly maneuverable thanks to is vectored Thrust Configuration and has additional stabilizing capacity optimized for Inspection and Research-class Missions. Its cross-platform interface is user-friendly and is intuitive to use with its video game controller ability. The Seadragon can explore to depths of 200 m and has Quick-Swappable Batteries for Long Missions. Each seadragon is equipped with a maneuverable hand and a flashlight. The Seadragon is among the leaders of the emerging underwater drone market.

UUV's a growing field.

Unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV) or autonomous undersea vehicles (AUV) have long been a priority for navies around the world and in the scientific research fields. But the creation of cheaper more accessible underwater drones is only a more recent phenomenon. The Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Applications Center, a non-profit industry advocacy organization reports there are roughly 251 unique configurations of UUVs in use today. The number is expected to grow as technology improves and the cost of individual components is lowered.


RevealONE helicopter can detect heartbeats

The other big announcement from TTRobotix is their Reveal One drone. The unmanned helicopter is designed for Inspection, Surveillance, Search and Rescue. RevealONE is equipped with dual cameras and an built-in heartbeat detecting radar system. the CCD imaging system of RevealONE provides all-weather target detection and discrimination. Even under challenging light condition the Reveal One is capable of imaging targets. TTRobotix collaborated with high-performance infrared imaging manufacturers to create a system that leads the market. It’s inbuilt Heartbeat Detecting Radar can detect heartbeat from the air up to 30 meters in open space and up to 10 meters with rubble or other obstruction.

The RevealONE is a serious emergency response tool that would be invaluable in a crisis that involves difficult to access areas. The remote-controlled helicopter is able to scan areas for missing people even when visibility conditions due to weather or obstructions make a ground search impossible. Autonomous aircraft like the Reveal One may become integral to the search and rescue of refugees lost in the Mediterranean. Ian Ruggier, head of operations at the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, or MOAS, an independent search-and-rescue organization, says a drone equipped with a camera enables his team to focus their response. "You have an image and can see what's actually happening. That helps the decision-making process," he says. TTRobotix is a Tawainese based robotics company that produce a range of autonomous gadgets and vehicles. The products fit between high-end consumer products and commercial applicable devices. The range extends from mounts designed for the GoPro camera series to quadcopters and customizable drones.

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