Tuna Knobs add physical dials to your touchscreen

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There are many music making apps and mixing software that you can download on to your mobile phone or tablet but they just aren’t the same as twiddling with the dials on a proper mixer when doing music production or mixing. But now this could change thanks to the Tuna Knobs. These are knobs that you can stick on the display of your touchscreen device to use along with your DJ mixing software.

tuna-knobs-2[Image Source: Tuna DJ Gear]

The Tuna Knobs attach on the top of the virtual knob of your favourite DJ music app and gives a “real feel” as users have a physical knob to actually twiddle when mixing your music. This puts the user just a little bit closer to having their own Moog System 55. When mixing songs a quick reaction is often quite important and any of your DJ friends will tell you that you just can't get the response time with touch-screen dials.

tuna-knobs-1[Image Source: Tuna DJ Gear]

The Tuna Knobs act as the radial stylus which means that you can dial the settings up and down just as you would with a normal mixer. It makes use of conductive grips so that the stylus will remain inactive until the user turns them with their fingers. When you have finished mixing your music you can simply take them off the display by disengaging the suction. The frame is made from plastic and the grip has been designed in soft touch rubber.

tuna-knobs-3[Image Source: Tuna DJ Gear]

The Tuna Knobs had been designed to be used with TouchOSC, however the designers of them worked on refining them and they now work with most DJ mixing and music production apps on Android and iOS.

The Tuna Knobs are available to purchase now and come in with a price tag of $22 for a pair.


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