Turkcell Wins Award for Technology Development, Signs Sustainability Agreement

At Turkey Innovation Week Turkcell wins an award for Technology Development, a recognition to the company's leadership in innovation and sustainability.
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Photo: Tolga Uslu 

Turkcell, a leader in converged telecommunications and technology service provider founded and headquartered in Turkey, has recently received the prestigious Award for Technology Development at the Inovalig Awards Ceremony during the recent Turkey Innovation Week 2019 in Istanbul. Unfortunately, Turkcell was not able to comment about the award. 

Turkey Innovation Week, organized by TIM, the Turkish Exporters' Assembly, was held on May 3-4 at the Istanbul Congress Center. The prestigious awards recognize Turkish innovation and leadership. Turkcell counts with global subscribers in nine countries besides Turkey. The company is internationally recognized as one of the leading service providers. 

Turkcell: Leading technology development and innovation

In 2016, Turkcell launched LTE services in Turkey, employing LTE-Advanced and 3 carrier aggregation technology in 81 cities. The company offers up to up to 10GB per second fiber Internet speed with its fiber to the Home (FTTH) services.

Counting with a wide coverage area and a diverse range of services abroad, Turkcell is able to provide all its subscribers with mobile communication services both in Turkey and abroad. Turkcell has been listed on the NYSE and the BIST since July 2000 and is the only NYSE-listed company in Turkey.

Turkcell: Network Economics Case Study

In January this year, the GSMA, the organizer of MWC Barcelona, MWC Shanghai, and MWC Los Angeles, published a Network Economics Case Study on Turkcell's holistic infrastructure management for Direct Current (DC) power systems, acclimatization, and generators, which was developed largely in-house.

According to the GSMA, the solution is focused on two key innovations: Intelligent Infrastructure, enabled through the transformation of legacy equipment with cost-effective solutions and sensors developed in house by Turkcell and; Hardware Investment and deployment based on actual site needs to provide remote management capabilities.

According to the GSMA, as networks evolve through 4.5G to 5G and continue to become more complex, some industry forecasts are predicting a 2 to 3-fold increase in energy consumption. It is therefore critical that powering the networks of the future remains economically viable. The Case Study shows how Turkcell's sustainability efforts bring innovation to the industry. 

Turkcell's Sustainability Linked Loan Agreement: An incentive for sustainability, betting on the future generations   

Turkcell recently announced that the company signed a Sustainability Linked Loan Agreement of €50 million with BNP Paribas for a three-year term loan. This new agreement adds to the company's financing activities strengthening its leading position in loan markets with sustainable financing.

The agreement includes a series of objectives including electronic waste recycling, use of solar energy, and reduction in paper consumption with the increased use of the company's digital publishing application Dergilik. If Turkcell manages to successfully meet these objectives, the annual cost of the loan will be reduced.

“We have signed the Sustainability Linked Loan Agreement combining our efforts on sustainability and objective of diversifying our financial resources. Turkcell will contribute to sustainable growth, reduce its carbon footprint and lower its financial costs with this loan – our aim at scale is to leave the natural resources to the next generation and create value for our customers in a sustainable manner. We are, in this sense, determined to continue our sustainability practices as the heart of our corporate social responsibility projects,” said Turkcell CEO Murat Erkan in a press release.

Turkcell has been disclosing its sustainable management approach through publishing a series of sustainability reports since 2011. The company is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST Sustainability Index) since 2015.

Turkcell widely supports sustainable industrialization through the development of its technology and consistently builds its infrastructure with a vision focused on reducing the environmental effects as well as through its digital services. The Turkish company is concerned about the future of climate and the environment and does what it is necessary to track and reduce its carbon footprint.  

“At Turkcell, sustainability is at the core of our business. As our digital services and solutions, corporate practices, and business processes evolve around sustainability, we optimize our digital skills to leave a more livable environment to the next-generation,” Turkcell CMOÖmer Barbaros Yiş, told Interesting Engineering

Turkcell aims to do its part in fighting climate change by lowering its carbon emissions through the company's increased use of renewable energy in its business processes. The service provider has a focus and priority on energy saving and continuously makes improvements to reduce its waste.  

Turkcell: Tree hugger and a sustainability practices champion

Turkcell prevents thousands of trees being cut down through its digital publishing application, Dergilik. Through Dergilik, Turkcell enables its customers to read magazines and newspapers online. In addition, through the company's smart agriculture Internet of Things (IoT) device, Filiz, farmers are able to use water resources more efficiently.

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