Turkey Innovation Week: Inovalig Awards Ceremony

The Inovalig Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday at the Turkish Congress Center.
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Inovalig Awards Ceremony/Photo: Tolga Uslu, Interesting Engineering 

ISTANBUL -- Turkey Innovation Week 2019 (TIW19) was held on May 3-4 in Istanbul, a city where east meets west in both terms of culture and geography. The event was organized by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM).

TIM represents 61 exporters associations, 27 exporter sectors, and 85,000  exporters from the regional and sectoral base at national and international levels. TIM is the highest organization of the private sector, part of Turkey's export, to represent the exporters in and outside Turkey.

Innovation in business and technology has a profound impact on all sectors. This year, at Turkey Innovation Week, Turkish distinguished enterprises and leaders in innovation were awarded in different categories for their achievements and global expansion of Turkish technology and innovation. 

Rewarding Turkish technology and innovation 

Durable Consumer Goods Group Director Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu received the Award for R&D Leadership on behalf of Arçelika household appliances manufacturer

The Entrepreneurship Special Award went to Ümit Leblebici, the General Director of Turkish Economy Bankone of Turkey's oldest and most deeply-rooted financial institutions and also one of Europe's leading banks thanks to its international network. 

The Chairman of TurkcellAhmet Akça, received the Award for Technology Development. Turkcell is a leading mobile telecommunications and technology services provider with global subscribers in nine countries.

The International Success Special Award went to the Chairman and Executive Committee Director of Turkish Airlines, İlker Aycı. Turkish Airlines began its journey back in 1933 with only five aircraft. Today, the airline owns a fleet of 335 aircraft (passengers and cargo). Turkish Airlines flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world, and the success of the company is internationally recognized.  

Winners of the Inovalig Awards 2019

Inovalig is Turkey's first innovation development program which has been active since 2014. The Inovalig program is supported by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the representative institution of over 85,000 Turkish exporters.

Thanks to Turkey's first innovation development program Inovalig, TIM selects and chooses Turkey's Innovation Leaders 2019. The Award Ceremony took place on Saturday, May 5, during Turkey Innovation Week at Turkey's Business Center. The awards were given in five different categories:

In the category of Innovation Strategy, the winner was Tüpraş, a petroleum refinery company operating for refineries with a total capacity to handle an annual 28,1 million tonnes of crude oil. On behalf of Tüpraş, the CEO of Koç Holding Levent Çakıroğlu received the award. 

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In the category of Innovation Organization and Culture, the winner was Wiser Wash. On behalf of Wiser Wash, the Chairman Fuat Gözaçan received the award.

In the category of Innovation Cycle, the winner was Asis Otomasyon, 
an R&D studies company in automation systems, customer recognition systems, and software. On behalf of Asis Otomasyon, the chairman Yusuf Kaya received the award.

In the category of Innovation Resources, the award went to Havelsanan Ankara-based software, and systems company with business presence in the defense and IT sectors. Havelsan is an affiliated company of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. The award was received by Havelsan Chairman Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar.

In the category of Innovation Results, the winner was Estaş Eksantrika manufacturer of the camshaft and other spare parts for automotive vehicle manufacturers, exporting to over 40 countries. On behalf of Estaş Eksantrik the Chairman of the company, İsmail Timuçin, received the award.

The Second Places of Inovalig Awards 2019

In the category of Innovation Strategy, the second place went to Kastamonu Entegre. Founded in 1969, Kastamonu Entegre produces raw and melamine-coated particle boards, glossy panels, laminate flooring tops, door panels, and value-added products for the furniture, decoration, and construction sectors. The company is positioned as the first of its sector in Turkey, fourth in Europe, and seventh in the world. On behalf of Kastamonu Entegre, the Chairman of Hayat Holding Yahya Kiğılı received the award.

In the category of Innovation Organization and Culture, the second place went to Beyçelik Gestamp, a Bursa-based leader in sheet metal production and mould design in the automotive supply chain industry. On behalf of Beyçelik Gestamp, the Chairman of the company Baran Çelik received the award.

In the category of Innovation Cycle, the second place went to Bead Teknoloji, an Istanbul-born startup now based in Berlin that empowers sustainability with real-time data and Artificial Intelligence. Bead Teknoloji digitalizes buildings to cut costs and increase resident satisfaction. On behalf of Bead Teknoloji, the chairman of the company, Soner Hacıhaliloğlu, received the award.

In the category of Innovation Resources, the second place went to DYO Boya, a Turkey-based decorative paints family company founded in 1954 by Durmuş Yaşar and his two sons Selçuk Yaşar and Selman Yaşar. On behalf of DYO Boya, the Chairman of the company, Mustafa Selim Yaşar, received the award.

In the category of Innovation Results, the second place went to Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri(United Payment Services). The fintech company offers independent and practical financial services solutions with electronic fund, electronic wallet, prepaid cards, money transfer, and mobile payment services in the field of smart payment technologies. On behalf of Birleşik Ödeme, Sistemleri the company's CEO, İlker Sözdinler, received the award.

The Third Places of Inovalig Awards 2019

In the category of Innovation Strategy, the third place went to TUSAŞ. Established in 1973 under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Turkish Aircraft Industries Corporation mission is to reduce the foreign dependency of Turkey's defense industry. On behalf of TUSAŞ the Chairman Dr. Temel Kotil received the award.

In the category of Innovation Organization and Culture, the third place went to Latro Kimya. The company has developed a high-quality service at supplying and marketing chemical raw materials. On behalf of Latro Kimya the General Manager of the company, Haluk Can Hür, received the award.

In the category of Innovation Cycle, the third place went to Chef Seasonsa Taste Alchemist that manufactures gourmet products with flavor engineering. The CEO of the company, Burak Hucuptan, received the award on behalf of Chef Seasons.

In the category of Innovation Resources, the third place went to Sedef Gemithe largest shipyard in Turkey according to area and capacity. On behalf of Sedef Gemi the Chairman of the company, Nevzat Kalkavan, received the award.

In the category of Innovation Results, the third place went to Okyanus Teknoloji, a technology company that designs R&D regardless of sector. On behalf of Okyanus Teknoloji, the General Manager Rifat Ok received the award.

Turkey Innovation Week was a festivity of innovation gathering representatives from different regions of the country in Istanbul.

With a promise of pushing forward into the future, Turkey Innovation Week also supports young innovators and students willing to learn from their mentors in order to contribute to the future of technology innovation in Turkey. 

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