Turkey Innovation Week: Rising e-Exports with Added Value of Innovation

Turkey Innovation Week hosted 40,000 visitors this year, e-exports has increased 3,3 percent compared to the previous year.
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ISTANBUL -- If you missed Turkey Innovation Week  (TIW19) held at the Istanbul Congress Center this year, here is a summary and some facts in the e-exports world that will inspire you for next year.

The event focused, as the name tells, on innovation and innovators who stand out from the crowd. The conference also recognizes and supports the young talents, emerging innovators whose work, projects, and ideas are seen as the ones that potentially will have a great impact in the future of business, technology, and the economy of Turkey.

World famous speakers and leaders in their field took on the stage to tell their stories of success and innovation. The panel discussion sessions were an in-depth analysis of the link between innovation and economics. The panels were made up of academics and economists as well as well known and prestigious industry leaders.

The event offered three floors of experience areas to all 40,000 attendees, workshops, and exhibitions with a strict focus on innovation. In addition, the conference received highly innovative Turkey-born personalities who have built a successful international career innovating in their fields.

The panel discussions focused on innovation in Turkey and contribution on e-exports. The panels included:

  • Defence Industry: The Multiplying Effect in Technology

  • Life Enhancing Innovation

  • Innovation and Future in Turkey

  • From Digital to Production Transformation: New Horizons in the Industry

  • New Route of Exports: Price to Information Competition

  • Innovation and Finance: Fintech and Blockchain Technologies

Rising e-exports with the added value of innovation

For 2019, 13 different digitalization in export projects has been planned in order to enhance digital transformation in exports. As from May this year, digital exports would be supported by a paperless exports system.

Thanks to the new digital exports system, 154 exports forms will now be processed digitally, and exporters will be able to send additional demands throughout the system.

This digital transformation in exports is going to shorten the export processes and will increase exports numbers. The year 2019 has been announced as the Sustainability and Innovativeness year in exports, aiming to reach $182 billion as anticipated in the New Economy Program.

Following the continuing innovative developments in exports, the export targets for the year 2019 are expected to be surpassed. The first quarter already showed an increase of 3,3 percent compared to 2018. This represents over $44 billion.

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The Inovalig Award Ceremony took place on Saturday and was the culmination of this year's event.

Turkey Innovation Week, organized by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, contributes to the evolvement of the innovation ecosystem concept in Turkey and the world.

Strategic partnerships of Turkey Innovation Week included large enterprises such as Turkish Airlines, Turkcell, Arçelik, and the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB). 

The event has been organized in Turkey's innovation capital of Istanbul since 2012. Since then, the event has hosted over 400,000 national and international visitors up to this date.  

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