Turkish Engineers Turn Drivable BMWs into Real Life Transformers

Trevor English

giant-transformer[Image Source: Letrons]

A team of Turkish engineers has successfully converted a working BMW into a real life transformer in a period of only 8 months. The project has resulted in the most realistic fully-functioning transformer robots to date. Completed by a team from the Turkish design and engineering firm, Letrons, the working robot/cars are incredible to see in action. Check out the transformers in all their glory in the video below.



The company is also making a whole line of transforming BMW robots, which the team is working towards soon. If you want to get your hands on one of these robots, they are for sale. However, they are likely incredibly pricey, and the engineering team has to agree with your intended use. Sorry supervillains, you can't take over the world with a transforming BMW quite yet.

transformer-model[Image Source: Letrons]

There really isn't much space inside for a human to fit, but the cars maintain driveability through remote control. If you would like to fund the team of 12 engineers and technicians for more work on the project, they do believe they can make it drivable by a human in the future. In all of their transformer glory, the BMW transformers still cannot walk. The team simply didn't have enough funding to make this happen, but again, they think they can engineer a solution given more money.

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So, do you want a transformer but you aren't a fan of BMWs? The team says that theoretically, they can create the transformer robots from any model of car, although the price for a redesign like this is likely not small.

bmw-robot[Image Source: Letrons]

Transformers are now a very real innovation in our world thanks to this brilliant team of Turkish engineers. This is one of the most impressive iterations of robotic transformers we have ever seen, and with enough money, you can own one for yourself. If you are interested in learning more about the project, you can check out Letrons' website here.

turkish-engineering[Image Source: Letrons]

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