Turn Any Phone Camera into A Microscope with this Tiny Device

BLIPS is an ultra-portable and very affordable set of mini-lenses which turn your devices into photo digital microscopes in seconds!
Trevor English
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Micro and Macro photography can yield some incredible results, and no longer are those abilities limited to people with expensive cameras or fancy equipment. BLIPS is an ultra-portable paper-thin microscopy lens for nearly every smartphone camera on the market, and it currently has almost US$200,000 in funding on Kickstarter.

The BLIPS kit is for the amateur photographer or even the professional that wants to study things under a microscope out in the field. This little tool doesn't require a bulky phone case either, simply stick the reusable lens on the camera and you are good to go! Check out the video below to learn a little more about what it can do.

Turn Any Phone Camera into A Microscope with this Tiny Device
Source: BLIPS

BLIPS was designed in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Technology and is currently patent pending. This little lens kit will turn any smartphone digital camera into a microscope in seconds and it includes both a micro and macro lens. Whether you just want to teach your kids about the unseen world or study things a little closer, BLIPS is an affordable option.

All of the early bird pricing is currently gone, but you can get your hands on the kit for only US$23. If you are planning on using BLIPS in a more technical field, you can get the enhanced lab kit with ultra lens and transparent slides for US$46.

blips micro
Source: BLIPS

For as cheap as these kits are, you can get some incredible images with them, which makes it the perfect impulse buy or gift for any science lover. Smartphone cameras have gotten so good over the years that you can capture professional-grade images with just the tap of a screen. If you want to see a few more of some of the incredible images that can be captured with these cheap lenses, check out the Kickstarter page here.

Turn Any Phone Camera into A Microscope with this Tiny Device
Source: BLIPS

That next walk could turn into the coolest of photography adventures with these little tools, and they are a must-have for anyone interested in science or engineering. If you want to learn more, you can check out the BLIPS Kickstarter here.


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