UAE to soon introduce ChatGPT-powered AI tutors in the classroom

The new systems will complement teachers not replace them.
Loukia Papadopoulos
AI will be used in the UAE to complement teachers..jpg
AI will be used in the UAE to complement teachers.


Artificial intelligence (AI) robots could soon be teaching in UAE classrooms, according to a report by the country’s The National published on Saturday.

This is according to comments made by the nation’s minister of education at an education conference.

“At the Ministry of Education, we are committed to adopting trailblazing technologies and are collaborating with our partners to develop GPT-powered AI tutors and evolve education technology to elevate the education system in the UAE,” said Ahmad Al Falasii at the Alef Education Summit at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

“As developments in science and education technology accelerate around the world, the traditional methods of teaching have been transformed, with innovative tools revolutionizing the classroom through interactive and distant learning.”

The comments were made at a meeting organized by the minister to tackle the latest developments in the artificial intelligence field and put them to use for the benefit of education.

Falasi emphasized that his team would work to “ensure that AI technologies are used to enhance the quality of learning and education," not replace teachers. He also said they would collaborate with partners such as Microsoft and OpenAI.

Whereas some educators around the world (particularly in New York) have banned the use of generative AI in classrooms, the UAE is embracing the new technology.

Accepting and promoting new technology

“It’s causing teachers, academics, and educators globally to reassess not only how they teach but also how they assess,” Al Falasi said.

“In the UAE, we agreed that we would accept this technology.

“We are putting together a policy that gives guidelines to faculty and teachers on how best to use such large language models to their benefit to help students interact with it but at the same time ensure they have the best learning.”

The UAE first noticed how beneficial technology could be during COVID-19 when all education had to be moved online.

“We have all been through Covid and realized how important technology is when it comes to education,” Al Falasi said.

“But rather than think of technology as a tool to overcome a crisis, we should think of technology as a tool to help us transform education,” concluded the minister, according to The National.

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