UK rocket startup is on a mission to make satellite launches sustainable

Orbex's launch system could reduce carbon emissions by 90%, CEO Chris Larmour tells IE.
Chris Young
The Orbex Prime.
The Orbex Prime.

Source: Orbex 

  • UK rocket startup Orbex says its technology cuts emissions by 90-96 percent compared to other satellite launchers.
  • The company's CEO, Chris Larmour, tells IE one of the "biggest improvements" is the fact the company's rocket doesn't produce black carbon.
  • Scientists fear accumulated black carbon could make the rocket industry's emissions comparable to that of the global aviation industry.

UK-based startup Orbex revealed the “world’s most environmentally friendly rocket,” the Orbex Prime, earlier this year, stating that it aims to get the small satellite launch system to orbit by next year.

This month, the firm announced it closed a £40.4 million ($46.1 million) funding round to help it make that final push toward sustainable spaceflight.

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