UK Unveils New Unmanned Fighter Jet 'Tempest' for Future Warfare

The UK plans to make the unmanned aircraft operational by 2035 and could compete directly with the aircraft models being developed by Germany and France.
Kashyap Vyas

In the wake of Britain voting to exit the EU, popularly known as “Brexit,” the country has showcased a masterpiece that signifies their military stand. Britain has recently unveiled their newest creation aimed towards dominating the skies, The Tempest.

It is a fighter jet that is co-developed by British aerospace companies BAE Systems Plc, Rolls Royce Holdings, MBDA UK and Anglo-Italian firm Leonardo SpA.

Announced by the British Defense Secretary, Gavin Williamson, “Tempest” is the nickname given to this 2 billion pounds project which will be overseen by the man himself.

What you see in the picture above is just a model of the Tempest in its final form. Although we may not see it operational until 2035.

Gavin will be required to get everything moving at the right speed because a review of the whole project will be done in 2025. If the project turns out to be viable, it will be given the green light to further develop it to its final stage.

The ultimate goal of this unveiling is to show the world that Britain will still maintain itself as a "tier one" military power, with or without the aid of EU.

Should anyone be worried? Well, not in a military sense. The repercussions of Britain leaving the EU will be mostly felt by corporations, businesses, and citizens who travel to EU countries (they may need a visa to travel to the EU countries).

The list of technologies that the Tempest packs will enable it to surpass the F-35. Hence, we can see the Tempest joining the “Sixth Generation” fighters.

One among the most impressive tech that the Tempest holds is Optional Manning. It will enable the fighter jet to fly itself without a human being present in it. Also, it can coordinate a swarm of drones making it extra terrifying!

The next on the list is a technology called “cooperative engagement capability” it enables the machine to send and receive information with other aircraft, drones, and other war machines.

When it comes to raw weaponry, the new aircraft sports Hypersonic Weapons that can go well beyond the speeds of 5 mach. This gives it the upper hand in both air to air and air to group combat.

Need another reason to get psyched about the Tempest? It sports energy weapons that have non-kinetic effects.


In theory, it means the fighter can have laser or electromagnetic weapons that don’t utilize firepower but are equally deadly. We have more reasons to believe that this is true because the model at the Farnborough Air Show didn’t have any sort of machine gun mounted on it.

With Brexit, Britain is showing their engineering and military prowess with Britain made fighter jet. The Tempest is also open for export, which will make new employment opportunities for Britain.

 According to Gavin, the Tempest project will support 18,000 direct jobs along with 100,000 in supply chain. This is indeed a bold move by Britain post Brexit and it will be worth seeing how this pans out with other EU Countries.