Ukraine's Upcoming 'Peacekeeper' Passes Factory Test. The All-Terrain Drone of the Future?

This powerhouse can clear 3.3 ft tall trenches without preparation.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Unmanned vehicles seem to be all the rage in military applications. In September, we brought you news of Israel's Rex MK II, which can be adapted to a range of ground missions, can operate on land or amphibiously and has a large payload capacity of 1.3 tons.

Then in November, we introduced Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems' ROOK, a multi-payload military 6X6 Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that is fully autonomous, can handle rough terrain, and comes with a deployable multicopter drone. Both the UGV and the drone can also be equipped with weapons.

Now, Ukraine-based Synergy DPE company has unveiled its new modular unmanned ground vehicle called Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper in English) that has already passed the next stage of factory tests.

According to General Director Ruslan Jalilov, Peacekeeper's system of optical vision and communication allows the vehicle "to receive video from cameras and control the robotic platform at distances from 1.25 miles to 1.55 miles (2 km to 2.5 km) in indirect visibility (on the platform there were significant changes in terrain and forest strip)."

The vehicle's abilities were demonstrated on snowy terrain, at low temperatures, and in difficult road and weather conditions. The multi-purpose robotic platform is ideal for military units as it is designed to perform logistics, evacuation, reconnaissance and other special tasks

It is engineered with low-pressure tires and built on a stable and durable transmission base. This base has amphibious properties, a long-range, and a low noise level while driving making it inconspicuous during military missions.

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The vehicle can maneuver through lakes, rivers, swamps, snowy areas, deserts, and trenches up to ~3.3 ft (1 m) making it ideal for combat zones. The goal of the vehicle is to allow the military to increase both mobility and security for future missions. 

Synergy DPE has released a video of the impressive vehicle that highlights and illustrates its many military capabilities.

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