Ultimate Child Monitor Tracks Facial Recognition and Important Moments

Trevor English

Having kids is a stressful time in anyone's lives, and the last thing that you want to do is leave them with someone that will harm them. It is the struggle of every working parent, finding a nanny to watch your kids and worrying whether they will be safe or not. Sure there are baby monitors, but short of watching the live video all day long, it can be hard to tell what is going on while you are away. With this in mind, a product called Invidyo has solved this problem with integrated facial recognition and AI-driven child monitor technology. Check out the video below to see a little more about all it can do.


Typical baby monitors can cost several hundred dollars and they often are lacking in uses other than simply providing a constant shot of a specific area. Invidyo on the other utilizes facial recognition to identify who is in your house, if they are happy or sad, and even track important moments.

Missing key moments in your kid's life because you're at work is something no parent wants. This child monitor automatically recognizes and compiles all of the important moments throughout your children's day and creates them into a video for your viewing pleasure.

breakdown of monitor[Image Source: Invidyo]

Through the companion app, Invidyo will recognize when your child smiles, and even if they are in distress for any reason. If your nanny is sneaking time with they boyfriend or girlfriend during the day, this child monitor will alert you that a new unrecognized face is present in the house. Possibly the best part of this device is that if you purchase it through Kickstarter, it is incredibly cheap. For only US$99 you get your hands on the innovative child monitor. If you have shopped around for a baby monitor, you know just how good of a deal that is.

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