The new all-terrain electric Ultra Bike can drive on water

You read that right.
Ameya Paleja

Ultra Bike, a two-wheel drive from Robo Systems is an all-terrain bike in the truest sense. Not only can it handle sand and snow, but you can also use the bike on water. All you need to do is get it into amphibious mode. 

We are all in for electrification of transportation, and the Ultra Bike just stands out. With its big bulky tires, it looks nothing like a regular bike, and thanks to its two-wheel-drive option, it does not want to be either. It might not look like a Harley Davidson or some stunning motorcycle concept, but it is definitely something one would turn twice to look at. 

What you see is what you get

There is no hiding with the Ultra Bike that the chassis is pretty basic and so is the lighting. The makers are making no attempts to hide it or fancy it up either.  For an all-terrain bike, the shock absorbers are also only located on the rear wheel and look nothing extraordinary. Where the makers have put in all their effort is making the bike electric. 

Equipped with a LiFePo4 battery pack, the Ultra Bike boasts a waterproof energy source that can sustain the extreme demands of -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 - 60 degrees Celsius) and yet deliver over 2,000 cycles of charging. When fully juiced up, the 1.6kWh battery pack can transport you a distance of 40 miles (64 km). 

Range anxiety, anyone? We thought so, too, and so did the guys at Robo Systems. So, they put in a gasoline generator where the fuel tank would normally sit. The power output is 800 watts, which may not seem much, but is sufficient to keep the 1.6kWH battery pack charging and freeing you from your worries and travel anywhere. 

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With the fuel tank space occupied, Robo Systems had to find a new way to carry fuel onboard, and they did so by finding sufficient space in the huge rims of the tires of the Ultra Bike. The tanks are fully sealed and each tank has a capacity to hold a little over five gallons (20 liters) of fuel. 

Where can the bike take you?

The wheels of the Ultra Bike are each equipped with a brushless DC motor that can produce a sustained 1kW output. This comes in handy when traversing tough terrains like sand and snow. The bike's top speed is 30 mph (48 kph), which is pretty neat if you are traveling on unpaved roads. 

If you do take the road less traveled and think you might have to cross a water body at some point in time, there is also the option of buying a pair of floatables with the bike. Connect them to a compressor, and you will have an amphibious bike in no time. The wheels can paddle you across, but please do not expect the performance of a jet ski here. 

If needed, you can conserve some energy by switching to a single-wheel drive option or simply opt for an additional carry-on gasoline tank to carry some energy in spare.

The makers have launched the bike on the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo. Irrespective of the variant you pick, you could get your deliveries by August this year, the post claims. The Ultra Bike can be yours if you have a few thousand dollars to spare and a little patience. 

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