Understanding What Structural Engineering Is

Trevor English

vAs a major component of civil engineering, structural engineering entails the analysis and design of structures or structural components. Given that most things in our world maintain some form of structure, if you go into this field, you will have many potential industries to choose from. If you want to learn a little more about what exactly structural engineering is, check out the video below.



Within civil engineering there are many specified disciplines, like water systems engineering, environmental engineering, or structural engineering. As a structural engineering, much of your job will be spent analyzing structures to resist loads, live or dead (the loads that is). You will have to take into account wind, seismic, water, snow, explosive, and various other loading types when you design structures. Your end design will likely need to be safe, as most structural engineers work becomes the foundation of infrastructure.

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If you are interested in becoming a structural engineer, or even a civil engineer, the best next step is to seek out someone who does it all for a living and spark a conversation. Don't make an important life decision because you saw an interesting YouTube video.

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