Unique Gift Suggestions for Curious Children and Adults

With the holiday season approaching, don’t buy anything yet before checking out these original gifts.
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Created: 11/27/2020
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In today's massive amount of toys and games available, it's difficult to find something that will entertain the young ones and teach them something at the same time. It's equally difficult to find the right gift for grown-up hobbyists who like to experiment and create things.

Take a closer look at this selection to find the most interesting products for children and adults alike.

Making electronics fun with Boffin Magnetic

Take your kids on an amazing adventure to the world of electronics! With this modern assembly kit, they will learn about the world around them in a fun way, from computers to radio functions.

You can build more than 200 projects with the components that are included in the basic set. With the included brochure, you'll be able to see all the projects from the easiest ones to the most advanced.

Unique Gift Suggestions for Curious Children and Adults
Source: Boffin Magnetics

Thanks to its structured system, you can go through the projects together with your kids and learn something new every day. All of the projects can be put together with ease using magnets, and you can even build a GameBoy within a few minutes and play over 10 games on it.

Check out how the whole kit works:

Curious adventurers will be learning how the individual components work and they will be building anything with ease, from light sensors to measuring devices. You can find more information about the product here, with the Black Friday deals starting today.

3Dsimo Basic 2 will be everyone’s favorite gift this Christmas

Are you looking for a gift that your kid will be able to use even after Christmas? Meet 3Dsimo Basic 2: a 3D pen designed especially for children.

The device is light and ergonomic, and it is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing 3 to 4 hours of fun for your kids in one go.

Unique Gift Suggestions for Curious Children and Adults
Source: 3Dsimo

The nozzles operate at only 149°F (65°C), so it won’t cause any burns which means you can even use it to draw on your hands. The PCL material that the device uses is entirely safe, and if swallowed by mistake, it harmlessly passes through the digestive system. It's certified to use from 8 years of age onwards.

For those who want to do more and gain more, 3Dsimo Multipro is the way to go. Moreover, if you are living together with a hobbyist who is always looking for his lost tools, you’ll be glad to learn that this product is a handheld workshop.

It combines seven functions in one device. It can solder, burn wood and leather, cut foam and plastic materials, engrave, drill, screwdriver, and cut plywood and other board materials. The patented multitool will make any craftsman happy.

Unique Gift Suggestions for Curious Children and Adults
Source: 3Dsimo

Take a look at what can be done using the 3Dsimo Multipro:

Last but not least, there comes the open-source 3D pen from 3Dsimo. It also comes with more features than just 3D drawings. All the parts of the device are 3D printed, and everything needed can be found on GitHub. It's an amazing gift for anyone who likes to build things on their own or who loves model making.


Are you tired of ordinary wooden kits? Then try Noyce Joyce!

Circuit boards are not only found in every piece of electronics, but also in all Noyce Joyce products. This electro assembly kit is the first of its kind worldwide, and you can assembly it easily and construct a working product in the end.

With this nice and versatile material, you can build almost anything. It’ll be hard for you to decide which of the available projects is the best one. There are numerous options to choose from — from an RC car and multitool card to the retro nixie clock or a beautiful accessory for your loved one.

Unique Gift Suggestions for Curious Children and Adults
Source: Noyce Joyce

If you’re eyeing decorations that you can buy, adding functionality to the mix while searching for something pretty will most definitely level up your gift. If you’re interested in what kind of bundles are available, don't miss out on their limited Black Friday deals.

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