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Universal joints are one of the most vital components in many mechanical applications. From automotive to manufacturing plants, universal joints are employed just about everywhere to transfer power within assemblies. The quality of universal joints can make a vital difference in any mechanical operation and failing of a universal joint can collapse the whole process. It is one of the vital mechanical components that need to be manufactured with the best possible material, process, and precision to ensure seamless merging, when installed.

Mario Ferri is one such universal joint manufacturing company that is known for producing world class universal joints for application in a wide variety of automotive and industrial sectors. Focusing on its specialty, Mario Ferri has been producing just universal joints for the past 50 years (and you get really good at doing something that you have been doing for over half a century).

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Based in the world class technology hub of Italy, Mario Ferri proudly calls themselves IRONS, a name taken after their expertise in crafting metals into sophisticated mechanical parts i.e. universal joints. The company delivers a wide range of models in the universal joint genre and carries the versatility to provide customized solutions for customers seeking such applications if universal joints.

Going on the standard production lines, Mario Ferri produces following precision products. Bushings broached in the BBX stainless steel, come in 6 different models with different weight and tolerance ranges starting from +.05 - +.03. If Universal Joints with Sliding or Rolling Bearings-series “G-H” are what you need, they've got them too. The G series universal joint has sliding bushes whereas Needle roller bearings are installed in H series. G series also come with plain bearings in 2 versions respectively to comply with DIN standards 808 and 7551. Series H is again available in 2 versions conforming to DIN 808 7551 standards. H series is ideally suited for high speed applications. The splendid products come in pre lubricated and otherwise versions. G series if applied to medium seeds and shock loads. The working angles for all these products fall between 45-90 degrees. G and H series are designed for 1000 and 4000 revolutions per minute operation and applicable to extended transmission

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Couplings Series S is a precision series featuring a total absence of show plugs and pins. The product series is designed for 1000 revolutions per minute and manufactured with a variety of specially tempered materials. Joint Series X is made with international standards conforming stainless steel or the material of customer demand. Suitable for use in a variety of applications including marine, food and chemical industries.

Special Joints are the custom range of Mario Ferri products that are made to order with all the specs conforming to client requirements. The also produce surface treated Joints are specially manufactured for highly corrosive applications with custom surface treatments as well as grooved shafts. Available in over 12 models, the specially designed products are highly wear resistant. Lastly, Bushing Broached BB. Again available in over 12 models, the customer has the option for customization in this case.

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