Unpatchable iPhone Exploit Could Impact Millions of Devices with Permanent Jailbreak

Luckily, it's currently only possible through a USB.
Fabienne Lang

Back in the earlier days of iPhones, 'jailbreaking' happened quite regularly, where hackers would 'jailbreak' into the smartphone to download apps that weren't available through the App Store. 

Since the App Store's options have grown substantially, jailbreaking appeared to be more and more a thing of the past.

However, just last month, new security research has revealed the first free iPhone jailbreak in years. And it could make jailbreaking permanent on iPhones 4S, iPhones X, and iPhones 8/Plus. 


What exactly is going on with this jailbreak?

Twitter user axi0mX was the person who unveiled the bootrom, named checkm8 — pronounced 'checkmate' — which is what makes the jailbreak possible. 

Bootrom exploits use vulnerabilities in iOS codes to their advantage, as explained by The Verge. Devices use these codes to load when they boot into gear. As it is read-only memory (ROM), it is permanent. This means that Apple can't override it through a software update, and in other words, it means this new exploit is unpatchable

Now, this isn't to say everyone with an iPhone ranging from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone X will undergo this jailbreaking. Moreover, the exploit can only work through physical access to the smartphone through a USB. 

Even though hundreds of millions of iPhone users may be at risk, it's highly unlikely that many will be affected. As it stands, there has been no news of any jailbreaking through checkm8. 

Naturally, as with all technological advancements, this may change, and in the future, there may be no need for a USB to access the phones. This, in turn, could leave millions of devices vulnerable. 

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