US Army's New Night-Vision Goggles Are Worthy of Super Soldiers

The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) is designed by soldiers for soldiers.
Fabienne Lang
Views from the new Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular Lancer Brigade/Twitter

The U.S. Army's troops won't have any issues seeing in the dark, through thick mist, or in obscure settings thanks to its new night-vision goggles. The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) goggles are a clear creation of how the Army is embracing modernization. 

And quite frankly, as the Lancer Brigade said on Twitter, "You've never seen night vision like this!"

Instead of the typical laser-green monochrome you'd expect to associate with night-vision goggles, the ENVG-B ones offer views that would fit right into a futuristic video game. Clear neon white outlines of people and artillery, detailed trees and brush, bright light blue figures, and tactical information are all displayed right in front of the soldier's eyes. 

Aside from creating seriously cool scenarios, these goggles have a much more serious purpose: they provide the Army's close combat forces "an extra capability to observe and maneuver in all weather conditions, through obscurants, during limited visibility, and under all lighting conditions," as ACS Army said.

There's nothing these soldiers won't be able to see. They'll enhance their fighting abilities, as well as keep themselves, and their team safer as they'll be able to see and understand what's going on around them more quickly than other troops. These goggles will also make it easier for soldiers to differentiate between potential enemies in front of them and the background they're hiding in. 

How do they do it? 

These ENVG-B goggles have a double-tubed binocular system for better situational awareness and depth perception, they have a higher resolution thanks to their phosphorescent white colors, they use a fused thermal imager, they use AR aspects, and use wireless interconnectivity. 

It's easy to see the vast improvement they offer on night-vision compared with traditional goggles. 

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And it was about time night-vision goggles saw a decent upgrade. These contraptions have been assisting soldiers in certain parts of the world since WWII, and more widely since the Vietnam War. A number of different generations of night-vision goggles have seen the light of day — or rather, night — since then, they help see with improved vision and reduced prices. And the latest ENVG-B goggles are just one addition to the U.S. Army's already-increasing selection of goggles.

The Army is also developing Integrated Augmented Vision System (IAVS) goggles, which allow soldiers to see through walls, around corners, in the dark, too, and they display tactical data onto the soldier's viewing screen. It's not only developing goggles for its foot soldiers, U.S. military dogs will also be donning AR goggles on their missions. Talk about including everyone.

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