US Military Buying Exoskeleton That Gives Humans Super Strength

The Guardian™ XO exoskeleton could allow soldiers to move faster, become stronger, and be safer while in the field.
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Many of you have probably fantasized about getting your hands on some of Tony Stark’s technology. The iron man suit is probably one of the most iconic pieces of technology across popular culture and comics.


Though there have been multiple attempts to create something similar across the military and industrial sectors, Sarcos Robotics’ may be the closest and coolest thing we will get in a long time that resembles the avenger’s super suit. But wait, we are getting a little too ahead of ourselves.

Sarcos Robotics is a global leader in robot systems that augment the body. Rather than have robots replace us as our overloads in the industrial, public safety and military sectors, Sarcos believes that augmenting humans through robotics is a better solution.

US Military Buying Exoskeleton That Gives Humans Super Strength
Source: Sarcos Robotics

The Sarcos Robotics team has recently been awarded a contract by the United States Special Operations Command to deliver a production version of its Guardian™ XO®. Like something out of a Ripley movie of the Matrix, the XO is a full-body, autonomously powered robotic exoskeleton.

Augmented Power

The Sarcos Robotics exoskeleton suit is based off an early prototype that was recognized globally for its innovative design and functionality. In short, the Guardian™ XO is an exoskeleton suit that drastically improves human strength and endurance without restricting the operator’s freedom of movement.

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People wearing the suit are able to comfortably lift 90kg without any exertion or strain. The exoskeleton uses a combination of advanced materials, sensors, and algorithms to give wearers ultimate control.

The Guardian™ XO has a host of applications across manufacturing, industrial and military industries.  

The Contract

The USSOCOM XO partnership follows recent news that the company partnered with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force for the use of the exoskeletons. These XO skeletons could trigger the emergence of the “super soldier” while also offering officers the ability to be safe while in the field.

With $175 million invested in R&D, Sarcos Robotics ensures that the system is safe, intuitive and power efficient. It will be interesting to see how exoskeleton technology will be used to augment humans.

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