US Soldiers Could Soon Be Riding Hoverbikes Into Battle

Trevor English

HOVERBIKE[Image Source: MA Hoverbike]

Top US Army leaders are investigating the potential of a hoverbike design for use on the modern battlefield. Called the JTARV, or Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, the Department of Defense is excited for the potential of the technology. Developed by Malloy Aeronautics, the hoverbike design has been proven in scale trials, and full-scale testing is demonstrating even more of the device's potential.

The hoverbike design is essentially a large, modified quadcopter that has been streamlined into a bike design. You can check out test flights of the bike below.

According to Daily Mail, last year a Maryland engineering firm and Mallow Aeronautics teamed up to start developing this concept even further, and now it is to a demonstratable point. While a hoverbike may sound a little absurd in practicality, effective implementation of the device could shift how battles are engaged. The devices can also operate autonomously and through remote control, giving a sort of portable cargo helicopter for infantry on the front lines. Exciting times are ahead for US Soldiers, although the implementation of such a craft will likely still take some time.

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