New League of Human-Piloted Giant Fighting Robots

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MegaBots, a company that creates piloted fighting robots, challenged Japan to an epic robot battle.

It was only a matter of time before man and machine combined into a battling robot, where science fiction became reality. Megabots creates robots that are 15 feet tall, internally piloted robots that fire cannonball sized paintballs that reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Humans sit in the front seat, sometimes as a pair to control the monstrously huge robots. The robots will battle, causing armour panels to shear off and litter the field, robotic limbs will get ripped off as smoke and sparks pour out of the chassis, and where robots fall one by one until only one champion remains. 

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They claim that the next generation of fighting robots is here from the far reaches of science fiction. MegaBots raised over USD 2.4 million in seed funding to create a new league of human piloted, giant fighting robots all around the world. MegaBots is collaboration with International Olympic comity representative Latham Watkins who has helped organize league and governing bodies in sports such as the NBA, NFL, and others. The team hopes to create a Olympic-style league where countries will fight and compete against each other in an incredible epic robot battle that every science fan has dreamed of.

MegaBots was created in 2014 with a team of incredibly creative engineers who grew up playing video games, watched movies, and read every comic book involving giant fighting robots. They are they are also the proud owner Mark II, a 15-foot tall, 12,000 lb robot outfitted with pneumatic cannons that fire cannon-ball sized paintballs. They are prepping the robot to kick off the world's next most intense sports league on the planet, Battlebots

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Team USA called on a team in Japan that own the robot Kuratas. A pilot of the robot responded with,

“We can’t let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture. Yeah, I’ll fight”

Japan’s only request is to make the battle one of the coolest, intense battles ever.

Kurata is just over 9,000lbs, four-wheeled, and has a thirty joint exoskeleton. The robot can be piloted and can be armed with a 6,000 round per minute twin BB rotary cannon, a LOHAS which fires water bottles (or fireworks), and of course, a humanoid hand called the “iron claw” that is capable of lifting, or crushing objects. The Kuratas robot did not come cheap, it is costed a whopping US$1.2 MILLION. Now, it is being outfitted with cannons that will be used to take on Mark II,

Megabots want to create a new generation of sport, one involving multi-ton armed humanoid machines.“We want to bring the giant robots from science fiction and movies and video games to life because now we have the technology,” said Cavalcanti, a robotics engineer. “It’s really about: How do we put on the best show? How do we make the coolest fight?”

The project was funded on Kickstarter, and now, the bots are here, and they are ready to fight. When Kuratas and Mark II kick battle this summer, a new generation of human-robot interaction will be upon us, man vs machine where pilots will battle until only one fighter remains, creating the most intense sporting experience not even a science fictional comic could capture. And so, let the games begin, and may the best robot win.

robot battle cannon[Image Source: MegaBots]

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