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Valta is a remote energy management system automatically detects un-used devices, identifies energy waste, and notifies you to help you save. We have recently launched on kickstarter, and are quite excited about the imminent launch of our product. Our system has several points of differentiation that make us special:

1.  Standby power detection: We are the only product in the market place that can detect un-used devices in standby mode, which enables us to send push message to your mobile device to remind you to turn it off. By doing this, we aim to change user behavior to adopt a more sustainable usage pattern for the long term.

2. Geofencing: Our app has the capability to detect whether you are at home or away automatically through your smartphone. If you like, you can set the app to turn off devices when you are away from your home, and to turn back on once you are coming home.  There will be no more "Ooops, I forgot" moments and at the same time it saves energy.

4. Always in sync: Valta cloud ensures that all data on your iPhone and web app are in sync - any update on on/off status or notification will be refreshed instantly on all screens whenever and wherever you are.

5. Extremely low power usage & better connectivity: By leveraging 915 MHz RF, Valta sockets use less energy than any of our competitors (0.6 watts). Most energy management solution uses Wi Fi, which consumes more energy, and in many cases, more energy than the standby power consumption of the devices they are monitoring. Why should anyone use a power saving system that might use more power itself? In addition, our system also incurs less interference and has better range. Most of your neighbors are using Wi Fi for their internet connectivity, so interference is a given. Our implementation of 915 MHz RF avoids this problem. 915MHz RF al has better range than WiFi. Valta sockets have minimum range of 100m, while WiFi modules typically have range of 50m.

6. Sleek Design: Most similar products in the market place are clunky and unpractical. Sockets are large and cover up the entire wall plug, which takes away from practicality of the product. Valta sockets are sleek and minimalistic. Plugging one in does not interfere with the customers from using the other plug for other purposes. On top of that, the system simply looks good.

We believe that we have a unique product offering that can truly help customers adopt a sustainable energy usage pattern, while not making any sacrifices to their lifestyle.

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If the resolution or picture quality is not suitable to your site, or any question regarding to our product, please feel free to contact me anytime. I am Jeff Lin, one of the co-founders of Valta. My e-mail is [email protected], and my phone number is 416-689-8288.

Article Author: Jeff Lin, Valta's co-founder


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