Vertical axis wind turbines offer higher energy output and low noise

Could this be the future of wind energy?
Loukia Papadopoulos
The Vertical Sky wind turbine.jpg
The Vertical Sky wind turbine.

Agile Wind Power/YouTube  

Wind power is quickly becoming one of the most attractive options for clean energy. But not all wind power turbines are equal.

A Swiss company, Agile Wind Power, has been producing vertical wind turbines that have the potential to produce increased energy output with decreased noise levels and harm to animals.

Their projects have been hailed by European authorities in the past and have received local support.

EU funding

"With EU funding of the Vertical Sky project, Agile Wind Power is developing the first large-scale vertical-axis wind turbine for use in distributed applications. Its core innovation is a continuous and self-optimizing adjustment of the rotor blades – a real-time rotor blade pitch control," stated the European Commission's Cordis division.

"As a result, the rotational speed is kept low, resulting in a threefold lower noise. Its simplified logistics for transportation and installation, and environmental compatibility with birds and bats allows closer location to populated areas or difficult-to-access areas."

What exactly do these new wind turbines offer?

  • An energy output of 750kW to 1,5 MW.

  • Real-time optimization of the rotor blade.

  • An AI-based control system for high efficiency.

  • Constant wind direction tracking and adjustment.

  • A gearless and air-cooled drive.

  • Robust design for operation of over 25 years.

But that's not all.

The low rotation speed of the Vertical Sky windmill reduces noise by a factor of three compared to a conventional windmill. Meanwhile, the windmills' slow turning blades are recognizable to animals and are therefore not a threat, meaning up to 90 percent lesser birds and bats are harmed by the rotating blades.

Vertical Sky turbines are easy and efficient to maintain, with maintenance efforts up to 70 percent lower compared to conventional windmills. In addition, no special vehicles, helicopters, or tools are required to transport and install Vertical Sky windmills, leading to up to 30 percent savings in logistics.

Faster approval processes

The many benefits of Vertical Sky windmills mean regulators and authorities are quicker to approve projects leading to more wind capacity installed.

Furthermore, the turbines measure 105 meters from the ground and meet the stringent international certification requirements for large wind turbines (IEC 61400). The turbine series is especially suited to decentralized electricity production ideally suited to meet on-site needs.

Finally, last but not least, Vertical Sky turbines offer the possibility of a low rotational speed guaranteeing low centrifugal forces and low strain on the supporting structure. 

Could this be the future of energy production?

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