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When you look at the Vessyl you may think that it is just a vase but it's actually a 21st century mug - and it certainly isn’t any ordinary mug. This is a smart mug that can tell you what type of liquid is inside it, how much sugar the drink contains, how many calories it has, fat, protein and even the amount of fat in it. It also tells you the exact name of the beverage and then sends the data to your smartphone.


[Image Source: Vessyl]

The Vessyl is able to work with an app for Android and iOS and can transform data through Bluetooth so that it records and then analyses your intake of beverages throughout the day. The app on your phone keeps a track of what you drink and when you drink it, along with how much you drank. It will show you details in specifics, such as how much sugar you drank or the amount of calories that you drank during the day.


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You can monitor the amount of caffeine that you drink, if you want to cut down. Monitoring things like this are called lenses by Vessyl, and the cup is able to display your chosen lens in a tally which is displayed on the built in display.


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The smart mug can tell you if you should be drinking more water, it will do this by displaying a line in blue that will rise or fall based on your hydration level. You can see how hydrated you are on the app or the mug itself and this helps you to make a better choice about what to drink and when.


[Image Source: Vessyl]

"With Vessyl, we’re solving the other half of the tracking equation," said Justin Lee, CEO of Mark One, the company behind Vessyl. "There are plenty of devices that track activity, but Vessyl is the first ever consumer product to automatically track your consumption in real time. Beverages are a major source of unnoticed calories, and Vessyl gives you the tools to easily know what you’re really drinking and motivate you to make healthier choices."


[Image Source: Vessyl]

The Vessyl has been in development for 7 years and it comes from the same designer as the Jawbone. The 21st version of the mug comes with an interior that is non-stick and is spill proof. The charger for the cup is cleverly hidden in the coaster that comes with it and from just an hours charge the cup will last for one week.

It has already been launched to assess the demand by consumers and if all goes to plan and capital is raised, production is expected to go ahead in early 2015. The Vessyl will have the price tag of US$199, but backers will be able to pre-order it for $99.

Via [Vessyl]

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