Volkswagen Beetle Fender Converted to DIY Vintage Kart, Eco-Friendly Alternative

A clever design company repurposed Volkswagen Beetle parts to create a DIY, eco-friendly kart.
Brad Bergan

Alternative car enthusiasts and those who shy away from public transit just got a new set of wheels — retrofuturist and eco-friendly — in the form of a kart with an olive green exterior and headlights pulled from the fender of a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, according to Facebook posts from the designer, Aldekas Studio.


Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart 1
The Aldekas Studio kart has a beautifully-contrasting color scheme. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

Volkswagen Beetle fender converted into vintage DIY kart

The Mexico-based designer repurposed the headlights and fenders of a Volkswagen Beetle — specifically, the Type 1 model initially released in the 1930s — into a mini-vehicle called the "Bugkart Wasowski."

Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart Rear
The headlights and rear lights were repurposed to maintain the integrity of the classic VW Beetle. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

With a curved body conjoined to a bright red frame, the kart's color scheme contrasts beautifully with the olive green Beetle fender.

Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart Side View
The kart features chrome handlebars, with mirrors strategically placed to mimic the aesthetics of the original vehicle. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

Chrome handlebars, headlights, mirrors preserve Beetle feel

It also has chrome handlebars, with mirrors placed to mimic the original car — in a bid to maintain the integrity of the classic vehicle.

Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart Front View
The VW Beetle fender is joined to a bright red frame, preserving the bug-like look. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

Aldekas Studio often shares fresh designs on Facebook, including a 3D rendering of a more rustic typification of the main Bugkart Wasowski.

Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart Axles
On the rear, we can see the solid frame and Aldekas Studio signature logo. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

DIY designers bring classic concepts to eco-friendly future

Additionally, the designer also offers a similar, two-wheeled project — called "Volkspod," reports Colossal.

Aldekas Studio VW Beetle Kart Cruisefeel
The new crossbreed kart looks ready to cruise with retrofuturist aspiration. Source: Aldekas Studio / Facebook

As the world's most imaginative designer studios and DIY manufacturers continue to re-invent classic designs for clever and eco-friendly alternatives, we should be sure to note that — while the future of mobility is changing for keeps — we don't have to leave the warmer sentiments of the auto industry behind.

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