Volkswagen Isn't Changing Its Name To 'Voltswagen'

The US branch of the company appeared to have pulled an April Fool's Joke on us all.
Fabienne Lang

After reading Volkswagen's (VW) draft press release on Monday, March 29, you'd be excused for believing the automotive company's U.S. branch was rebranding itself to "Voltswagen."

But after a little scratching beneath the surface, it turns out VW of America was only trying to gather attention for its upcoming electric vehicle plans through this marketing stunt, Reuters reports.

Some might call it a bad April Fools' Joke.

According to Reuters' sources, VW will publish an announcement today, Wednesday 31 March, stating it wasn't serious about this name change. 

What happened on Monday?

VW of America supposedly posted an unfinished press release on its website dated April 29. The company allegedly accidentally published the press release a month early. It's since been unpublished after it announced a new name for its U.S. operations, Voltswagen of America, explained CNBC.

In the release, the company stated the name change would go into effect in May, and that the name Voltswagen would be placed as a light blue exterior badge on all its EV models. The company's gas vehicles would keep the traditional VW logo. 

The point of the name change was to serve as a "public declaration of the company’s future-forward investment in e-mobility," read the statement that CNBC originally quoted.

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The marketing stunt was taken a step further with posts on social media by what looks like VW social media accounts.

One post on Twitter flashed "Voltswagen" in blue on a black backdrop, and wrote "We know, 66 is an unusual age to change your name, but we’ve always been young at heart. Introducing Voltswagen. Similar to Volkswagen, but with a renewed focus on electric driving. Starting with our all-new, all-electric SUV the ID.4 - available today."

The number 66 refers to the date when VW's American subsidiary started operations, not the original German VW start date. 

It's clear to see how important the EV game is to VW, which it's pushing forward year upon year, even if its stunts are a little questionable. 

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