Volume Measurement Technology

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051020radC69E7@silo_fat04[Image Source: APM Solutions]

Volume measurement is an integral part of business as it relates to the (accurate) measurement of stock levels. This impacts all areas of a company’s performance as the ability to maintain optimal stock levels according to industry demand as well as a company’s own financial performance is of vital importance.

The average man in the street is likely not aware of the importance that volume measurement plays in their day to day lives as it affects numerous industries that have a direct bearing on their daily existence. Consequently, changes that impact this area of business directly impact virtually everyone.

Unfortunately, in the past, volume measurement was more a case of guesswork than accuracy. To accurately measure stock levels required physical stocktakes which are time-consuming, disrupt efficient work practices, and are costly. Thankfully, advances in volume measurement technology mean that this requirement is a thing of the past with many additional flow-on benefits accruing as a result of innovations in this field.

The APM Technology 3DLevelScanner is an easy to install and operate device that is a new paradigm in volume measurement technology. It is also maintenance free. It allows for accurate, real-time stock measurement in environments such as bins, warehouses, and silos irrespective of the powder or bulk solids stored therein. Its measurement capabilities are not affected by factors such as dust.

diagram[Image Source: APM Solutions]

The 3DLevelScanner measures low frequency pulses that are emitted into the storage container to accurately measure the level, volume, and mass of the stored contents. A 3D picture of the content distribution is generated that not only assist in stock measurement but also to monitor and deal with build-up loads which are a potential danger where uneven sidewall loading can result in the collapse of steel grain bins.

Since the 3DLevelScanner seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems it adds to operational efficiency and profitability as production managers have unrivaled control of the manufacturing process.

There are other competing technologies for volume measurement including guided microwave, ultrasonic, and non-contact radar, however they do not offer the same comprehensive performance characteristics of the 3DLevelScanner nor do they offer sufficient cost savings to compensate for this lack of functionality.

Market penetration of the 3DLevelScanner has been swift with industry giants in diverse fields using the 3DLevelScanner to better monitor and control stock levels, with the 3DLevelScanner becoming the volume measurement tool of choice. Industries as diverse as food, grain, gold, steel, paper, cement, alcohol, drink, aluminum, gold, and consumer durables to name but a few have taken advantage of all that the 3DLevelScanner has to offer.

The 3DLevelScanner has been welcomed by industry because it addressed costly and important issues addressed by industry on a day to day basis. It does this in a novel and easy to implement manner which does not require industry to reconfigure its existing systems yet adds enormous value to the decision making process.