Volvox Labs with Help of Microsoft Creates Stunning Visuals for Neon Indian

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computer graphics design[Image Source: Microsoft]

The bridge between visual experiences and live music has never been made more dynamic. Interactive visual technologies is breaking barriers, and musical acts are eager to utilize some of these cutting edge electronics to bolster their sound, according to Volvox Technologies. One of the latest artists to do so is Neon Indian with their latest performance at CMJ festival in NYC. These visual effects were custom tailored with the help of Microsoft and Volvox labs.


The collaboration with Microsoft, and produced by Listen, has created an amazing visual experience for their Webster Hall performance. The partnership also enlisted the brilliant minds over at Volvox Labs to create a duplicate virtual universe which was reenacting the live performance in real time. The duality of this live performance matched with its virtual twin is visually stunning as well as challenging of the capabilities of Kinect sensors that are common to the XBOX console.

design visuals[Image Source: Microsoft]

The Volvox team essentially created a rig of the five Kinect sensors to capture each band member and their movements on stage. After doing so, they built a computer to receive all the sensory information the Kinects to pick up and transfer that into projectable visuals to be displayed in real time. The results are sensational and the band now plans to take this setup on the road, creating this optic spectacle at every show while they are on tour.

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