Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor Gives X-Ray Vision to Its Users

The Walabot 3D imaging sensor device magnetically connects at the back of your phone and lets you see through the solid objects around you.
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Visualize what is really existing around you through this 3D imaging sensor called Walabot. This smart device uncovers hidden things behind walls and other solid objects. It is pretty similar to any stud finder when it comes to checking things around the house. However, besides checking studs, it has some other features that make it unique. You can use Walabot with a smartphone app which makes it pretty handy. 

It is essentially a 3D imaging sensor accessory that magnetically connects at the back of selected Android smartphones. By scanning through any solid object, Walabot can detect what is hiding underneath them and unravel crucial images. The company's initial concept was to build a platform that makes powerful and expensive technology, cheap and accessible. Its technology is focused on advanced imaging capabilities, which opens up the hidden world around us.

What technology does Walabot use?

Walabot uses 3D imaging sensors that utilize a radio frequency to see through solid surfaces. The feedback that the device gets from these sensors allow it to generate a picture of what's probably on the other side of the wall

What phones are compatible with Walabot?

Currently, Walabot isn't compatible with computers, tablets, or any apple products. That means you'll have to use an Android phone to make the device work.

With how cheap Android phones can be though, you could get a designated Walabot android to use with the device.

Walabot applications


One of the widest applicational fields of the Walabot is in private or industrial building renovation. By scanning through a wall before performing building surgery, workers can detect and view crucial positioning of pipes, electrical wires and other materials hiding behind solid objects. Workers can also detect depth, type of material, and position. This is the best way to avoid damaging power circuits, metal pipes or wires during projects. Uncovering pipe and wire location can be crucial when you drill around your home and save you lots of money. 

Movement Tracker

The scanner device could be used to track the movement of people and feed through a customized application to react to them. As well as being used as a real-life movement tracker, Walabot is also a virtual reality (VR) tracker. It can visualize a user's entire body actions like punches, kicks, and jumps which you can program to be used in VR games. It's absolutely controller-free so users can have full freedom when moving.

Sleep Analyzer

The 3D imaging sensor is also capable of monitoring breathing patterns and doesn't use a camera so it can act as a sleep analyzer while securing the user's privacy.

Robotic Enhancer

By attaching Walabot to robots or drones, smart devices become more aware of their surroundings to avoid collisions. In terms of business usefulness, please note that this product is ideal for drone makers. 

Vehicle Radar

It can be applied as a car and bike radar system, which will alert users if they are in danger. The Walabot Maker model contains 15 antenna array and radar mode API for 2D tracking and monitoring.


This smart scanner has the ability to measure the speed of moving objects like a golf ball being hit, cars that pass by, and most objects in dynamic motion.

3D Imager

By using the imaging device to scan through objects or perhaps your body, 3D images can be generated and the output can be accessed via smart devices and PC.

Smart Home Energy & Security Monitor

Install Walabot inside your home and it will detect people's movements, then tailor automation for them.

Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor Gives X-Ray Vision to Its Users
Source: Walabot

Walabot DIY is perhaps the cheapest model of the 3D imaging device at $99, whilst other advanced models are much more expensive like the Starter Kit ($149), Maker ($299), and Pro ($599). It is an ideal help during construction works and is compatible with any android phone as well as different apps. 

You can get one here.

Via Walabot

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