Watch a Drone Seamlessly Fly Through a Bowling Alley

The dizzying footage keeps you on your toes, your eyes popped, and your jaw on the ground.
Fabienne Lang
A scene from the drone's videoJaybyrdfilms/YouTube

If you're in need of movie inspiration, look no further. Incredible footage of a first-person view (FPV) drone swooping through a bowling alley's nooks and crannies is enough to satisfy your needs. 

Created by filmmakers and drone pilots, Jay Christensen and Anthony Jaska of Rally Studios, the 90-second-long video showcases the FPV drone's, and the pilots' skills as the watcher is taken on an intimate journey of the Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater in Minnesota, the U.S.

The impressive filmmaking is made possible thanks to an FPV Cinewhoop quadcopter — a type of drone that's faster and more stable than other FPV drones, and predominantly used to capture cinematic shots, hence its name. 

To begin with, the journey starts outside the bowling alley and you're taken on a flying adventure as the shot seamlessly glides through the alley's front doors before swooping through the bowling lanes at an incredible speed. The carefully placed visitors don't bat an eyelid as the drone nears them and swoops past multiple times.

Demonstrating the drone's skills, you watch incredulously as it easily flies through small openings and into the back of the bowling lanes, through small passageways, before taking you through the entire bowling facility on a wee tour. 

The ending of the film is the most surprising shot of all, clearly showing the hardiness of the quadcopter. 

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What FPV drones can do

FPV drones are known for their speed and agility, and this film certainly puts the Cinewhoop drone to the test. These types of drones are gaining popularity, and just last week, DJI unveiled its first FPV drone, which looks like a flying, wonderful, beast. It accelerates from zero to 62 mph (zero to 99 km/h) in just two seconds

Drones are being used for various purposes across multiple industries, and it's easy to see why FPV drones are so great for shooting movie footage. And after watching this movie, you'll definitely want to lace up your bowling shoes and hit the lanes, even if only virtually for now.

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