Watch a YouTuber Boost His Tesla Model S With Three Jet Engines

Like the much anticipated Tesla Roadster, but faster.
Ameya Paleja
The Modified Model S on the run.Warped Perception/YouTube

YouTuber Warped Perception has recently released a video showcasing his modified Tesla Model S that features not one or two, but three jet engines that act as thrusters and shave off a good second in acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph).  

The channel's tagline "Engineering Fun" just couldn't be more fitting. In the past, the YouTuber has experimented with hydrogen fuel and even demonstrated how a waterjet can cut a phone in half. A few months ago, we had covered another video from him where he charged his Tesla while being towed, but his latest just takes the Tesla up another level. 

The YouTuber takes us through his journey of putting the jet engines on the Tesla and even explains the rationale behind placing them behind the trunk of the car in the video. The whole setup is well designed and can be controlled seamlessly from within the car. While the idea is to use the jet engines as speed boosters, he also goes around driving the car on the freeway, without using electric propulsion at all. 

In case you are wondering why would anybody put a jet engine on an electric car, let us remind you that the YouTuber is not alone. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said this himself for the Tesla Roadster that is due to arrive in 2023

Earlier in May this year, Musk remained committed to this SpaceX optional package. So, while we wait for the original Tesla Roadster to roll out of Tesla's Gigafactories, the YouTuber's improved Model S is definitely the next best thing. 

As expected, the jet engines definitely boosted the acceleration of the Model S, shaving a good second when it came to 0-60 mph acceleration time. Although Tesla Roadster's promise of 1.1 seconds is exhilarating, it will also be the result of thousands of Tesla engineers working together. 

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Considering it was only one person that thought about and built it all, this video is quite impressive. A hydrogen-fuel jet engine run would be great for the next video, wouldn't you agree? 

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