Watch a YouTuber put a homemade jet engine on his bicycle

Here’s how you can power your grandfather’s old friend.
Christopher McFadden
YouTuber riding his modified bicycle.Integza/YouTube
  • Using a leaf blower and some other common parts, a YouTuber built a working jet-powered bicycle.
  • After some trial and error, he finally got it to work perfectly.
  • Do not try this at home!

A YouTuber, Integza, has managed to outfit a basic bicycle with its own leaf-blower-come-jet-engine propulsion system. Fuelled using butane gas, the creator utilized the leaf blower in order to provide a constant stream of air to mix with the fuel to create the jet engine.

To do this, he first strapped a piece of wood to the rear of the bike to carry the leaf blower and jet engine. Then, using other parts, like a metal flue, the YouTuber built the main casing for the jet engine proper.

He then developed a way to liquefy the butane gas, contain it, and supply it to the jet engine. With the main jet engine assembly fully rigged up, Integza then fitted all the parts in place on the back of his "grandfather's bicycle."

With all that done, and after a series of trials and errors, his jet engine-powered bicycle was then ready to test drive. So, how did it work out?

Check out the video to find out for yourself below.

This isn't the first time Integza has modified things with jet engines

As impressive as this jet engine-powered bicycle is, it is just one of the latest in a long line of jet engine-modified things created by the YouTuber.

For example, back in February of 2022, he unveiled his scratch-built-jet-powered 3D printed skateboard.

Another interesting example is his conversion of a Dyson bladeless fan into a jet engine. Yes you read that right. He has also managed to build a series of water-cooled and CO2-cooled jet engines, to name but a few.

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