WATCH: Hydraulic Press Crushing Dynamite

Interesting Engineering

While there has been a recent frenzy in hydraulic press videos, this one is sure to crush them all, with dynamite.

Dynamite is probably something that should be handled with great care. So it only makes sense that it had to be crushed by the Hydraulic Press Channel.


Dynamite uses nitroglycerin, which before being absorbed through an absorbent mixture is  extremely unstable. Also known as touch powder, nitroglycerin is easily ignited. It makes sense then that there is a possibility that a hydraulic press could initiate the reaction. However, unfortunately, the press did not deliver enough energy. Although, the team was prepared for disappointment and so rigged up the press to be obliterated anyways, a satisfying site. We highly recommend you do not try this at home. Hydraulic presses are extremely dangerous and could attack at any time. Whatever you do, don't deal with it.