Water ATMs to Solve Water Delivery Problems in India

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Many inhabited places on our planet suffer from serious lack of pure, drinkable water. One of these places is India, where nearly 140 mln people from remote villages and locations drink highly contaminated water. A probable solution to this problem is offered by the Sarvajal company with its solar powered “water ATMs” for water delivery.

Sarvajal-Water-ATMs-4[Image Source: Yale]

These water ATMs receive their clean water from larger nearby settlements where the company has filtration centers directed by local franchisers. A customer could take water from such machine by using prepaid smart card. The company uses mobile technology and cloud computing to watch its facilities and sensors allow it to watch the quality of the water.

These water stations are suitable for remote places where building of the required infrastructure for water filtering would cost too much. Sarvajal was founded in 2008 by Anand Shah and now serves approximately 110 000 people. The company is in fact the profit-oriented section of the non-profit Piramal Foundation. The foundation is created with the purpose to find solutions for many current problems of the present society of India, such as fighting unemployment, improving healthcare and education, creating business and job opportunities in the rural parts of the country, and many others.


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