Wearsafe Tag helps family track you

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The Wearsafe Tag is currently on Kickstarter raising funds and it is a security device that allows friends and family of the wearer to communicate discretely with loved ones. The simple device provides a layer of security and it allows audio to be picked up from the device and be sent to contacts.


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The tag is able to connect to the device through Bluetooth Low Energy and it links up to an app on the phone. At the moment the designer of the Wearsafe tag is targeting the iPhone 4S and newer Apple handsets, however they plan on offering it to owners of Android later on this year.


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The tag has one touch connectivity and the designers behind it believe that it will offer security for a range of people, including students, hikers and walkers. To send an alert you don’t need to have the phone in your pocket and it is said that the unit will send out an alert up to 70 metres away.


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The user can simply push a button on the tag and it will send out an alert through the tag to contacts, who will get a text message and email which tells them of your location. A private chat can also take place between contacts. The wearer of the tag gets confirmation that a message was sent via vibration and each time a contact opens the alert and responds the tag will vibrate.

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Different networks can be set up for different occasions, such as a group of contacts for late nights, business, or when out exercising. The tag is small and it is resistant to water. It can be clipped onto a piece of clothing, worn around the neck on a lanyard or put in a pocket or handbag. It works on a coin cell battery and the battery will last around six months.


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The Wearsafe platform doesn’t just work with the tag, users will also be able to sign up for a monthly fee of US$5 and send alerts through Pebble watches, Garmin wearables, Android wear and Apple Watch.

If you want the Wearsafe Tag if it comes to fruition, you can back it for $40 for one tag. If all goes well the tags will start shipping in September.

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