The Weather Channel Uses Augmented Reality for Safety Demonstration

Trevor English

Augmented reality isn't just left for Pokemon Go players anymore, in fact, the Weather Channel has started implementing it in their broadcasts to make the news just a little bit more real.

The Weather Channel Uses Augmented Reality for Safety Demonstration

[Image Source: The Weather Channel via Facebook]

Augmented reality is being used in a wide variety of industrial and corporate applications to train workers or sell products. Probably the most famous example of implemented augmented reality technology is that of Pokemon Go. While that app's popularity has faded a little, augmented reality is still a very real emerging technology around the globe.

Augmented reality in everyday life

Augmented reality has become easy enough to implement and effective enough that even broadcasters on The Weather Channel are using the technology for helpful demonstrations. In a video released late last week, The Weather Channel can be seen using impressive virtual reality to teach viewers about the danger of leaving snow piles on the top of vehicles. You can check out the video below – it makes the news just a little more fun to watch...

In the video, The Weather Channel uses augmented reality to convey a situation that otherwise would've been hard to grasp simply in words. The use of AR here makes the story much more visual and the metrics of weight and force become easy to grasp by those not the closest in tune with their mathematics abilities.

Augmented reality is going to start playing a bigger role in pop culture and everyday life. The iPhone 8 is rumored to come with built-in augmented reality support, according to GSM Arena. A combination of augmented reality and virtual reality is already being used by Samsung, GM, and Boeing to train factory workers and aid engineers in the design process.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

For anyone wondering how AR is different than VR (virtual reality), it's just a simple incorporation of the real world. VR brings the user into a completely virtual space, whereas AR combines the virtual world with the physical world either through a special lens, a screen, or even holographic projections.

AR Applications

There are also augmented reality apps out there that allow kids or users to transform 2D drawings into 3D forms right in front of you. Many of the applications of AR may seem like novelties right now, but it is becoming an integral technology to help people learn and communicate. It is only one more tool that the growingly complex world has at its disposal.

What is your favorite application of augmented reality? Let us know in the comments below.

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