What Happens When You Jump out of Your Moving Tesla While on Autopilot Mode

Teslas are smart, but are they smart enough to detect when you're jumping out of them while on Autopilot?
Fabienne Lang
Sneak out of your Tesla AutopilotChikichu/YouTube

Can you jump out of your moving Tesla while it's on Autopilot? What happens when you do? 

YouTuber, Chikichu, wanted to test and see if it was possible, and what happens when you try. Here's what happened...

Don't try this at home

First things first: don't try this at home. Really. It goes without saying (we hope) that it's highly dangerous jumping out of a moving car, no matter how slowly it's rolling. Troubles for you and for the traffic just don't make this stunt worth it. If you watch closely at the end of the video, YouTuber Chikichu could have been seriously hurt had he fallen upon exiting the car as an unexpected vehicle drove past. So, again, don't try this at home. 


With all that said and done, and with you sitting comfortably — and safely — on your couch or at your desk — the question still begs to be answered: can you jump out of your moving Tesla while it's on Autopilot? 

Is Autopilot able to detect when its "driver" is out of the seat, let alone the car? You'd expect the car to screech to a halt if that were the case, but as this video proves, you thought wrong.

However, Tesla's Autopilot isn't all that easily duped. The guy first proves that as soon as you unbuckle your seatbelt the Tesla "freaks the f*$# out," as Chikichu poetically points out, and comes to a standstill. Safe so far. Going one step further, when he tries to open his car door by pressing the release button, it simply won't enable it, and when he uses the manual door handle to open the door, again, the Tesla "freaks the f*$# out." Chikichu's words, not ours. 

OK, so far so safe, Autopilot. But then, taking it even further the guy decides to shimmy himself out of his open window (tricking the system by keeping the seatbelt buckled) and, tada, he's out and walking alongside his Tesla while it rolls on completely unaware that no one is sitting in the driver's seat. 

It's highly unlikely anyone would feel the need or desire to slither out of their open window while their car is rolling in a real-life situation, but for a YouTuber's delight, this is a fun experiment.

See for yourself: 

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